Borderlands 3 | How to get or farm Unkempt Harold

This guide involves the steps to get The Unkempt Harold in Borderlands 3. In order to own it, you will first need the Bounty of Blood DLC. This is a returning weapon from Borderlands 2, so it is a must-have for the collectors out there, as well as for the new vault hunters.

BL3 – Unkempt Harold farm location (Drop location)

  • The enemy you want to farm is Caber Dowd.
  • Fast Travel to Presentation Room in Bloodsun Canyon.
  • Bloodsun Canyon is located on Gehenna.
  • here is the map location for Caber Dowd:
unkempt harold farm bl3 map location
  • In order to reach the location shown above, head over to a hidden portal. here is the map location for the portal:
unkempt harold farm bl3 map location portal
  • Break the Green Crystals located there and enter the portal to reach the main boss area, where your farm begins.
  • Just upon arrival, hit the save located beside the arrival portal to make the farm time shorter.

Unkempt Harold Weapon stats


The red text reads “I wasn’t counting either.”

Unkempt Harold Weapon overview

The weapon is a TORGUE manufacture and comes in all elements in Borderlands 3. In Borderlands 2 it only came in Explosive element. This is a major change made to the drop of the weapon varieties. The weapon initially shoots 3 bullets, which splits into 7 bullets after traveling a certain distance. In order to optimize the weapon damage, do not use it from a close range. The weapon also has splash damage, so use it from a distance otherwise you can deal with self-damage.
Even at Mayhem level 10, the weapon deal great crit damages. You may feel the shortage of ammo since it eats it up quite fast. We suggest carrying an ammo mod build to get back some ammo. It is definitely good for crowd control and also decent for boss damages. The only thing to keep in mind is the distance.

That will be all for this guide on Farming or getting the Unkempt Harold on Borderlands 3. We are welcome to suggestions and questions regarding the post in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on January 15, 2022

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