Borderlands 3 | How To Get Redeye Rocket Pod

If you happen to own the latest DLC of Borderlands 3 called Director’s Cut, you can get The Red Eye Rocket Pod. The DLC is free for Season Pass 2 Owners, otherwise, you need to purchase it. Talking about the weapon, it is a Rocket launcher that calls in airstrikes at a designated target. A pretty unique weapon to own. In this guide, I will be showing you how to farm this and add it to your inventory.

How To Get or Farm Redeye Rocket Pod in BL3

As I mentioned earlier, you can farm this weapon only if you have the Director’s Cut DLC. Redeye Rocket Pod is dropped from Hemovorous The Invincible and The Seer. Hemovorous will cost you 500 iridium. The seer on the other hand is free to play through, but the mission length is on the longer side. Here are their respective locations on the map for your ease of reference:

Hemovorous The Invincible

You have to play a Mission/raid to farm Hemovorous. As mentioned earlier, every time you activate it, it will cost you 500 iridium. The location for the Mission is near Claptrap’s Closet. Make sure you have completed the campaign once otherwise the farm location can be locked for you. Here is the map location:

The Seer

This is also a Mission and at the end, you will encounter The Seer. This Mission chain location is inside Ava’s Room. Here is the map location for it:

Weapon Stats and Information

DAMAGE 77801
FIRE RATE 6.67/s
Mayhem Level  10

Additionally, the weapon has a +47% Weapon Damage, a +15% Weapon Fire Rate, and a +432% Splash Damage Radius. This Weapon comes with anoints also. On kill, it adds 1 to the burst fire count without taking up any ammo. This can stack up to 4 and resets after you kill a Boss or Badass.

The Red Text on the weapon reads “Even oppression itself fears Vladof”

Weapon Overview and Tips

This is a Vladof Weapon, and it can drop in other elements also. The unique part of this weapon is that it calls in airstrikes at designated locations. It has a Red Target Marker instead of a crosshair for the air attacks to be called in. The damage is decent on this weapon. I have seen better damage from other rocket launchers, but the uniqueness is what attracts me the most.

One suggestive class would be Zane with the Playing Dirty Build. The shots will split up dealing double the damage at the cost of 1. And since it is a passive skill from the Hitman tree, you can use and not worry about it. You can also try it out with other splash damage builds as well. This is definitely a fun weapon to use, but the pure damage output is below par for bossing. For crowd controls, it keeps up only if you use additional mods and anoints. Use it for yourself, and let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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