Borderlands 3 | How to Get Redundant Savvy Phebert

How to find Wick and Warty and get the coveted Redundant Savvy Phebert in BL3 ?



redundant Savvy Phebert is a Hyperion legendary shotgun that drops from a rare enemy spawn known as Wick and Warty which is clearly a reference tothe TV show Rick and Morty. So much so that the enemies even look and sound similar to Rick and Morty. For the ones who are a huge fan of the show, it’s really awesome to see this Easter egg in the game.


How to Get the Wick and Warty Legendary weapon ?

You want to go to the electricity region of Promethea. Once here you want to head over to the location on the map as shown below and it’s here where wick and warty has a chance to spawn.
Obviously if they don’t spawn here, simply reload the game and head back and hopefully you’ll eventually get them to spawn.
Now, coming to the fighting part,  Morty is very easy to kill and doesn’t have much health :
But Rick on the other hand will keep teleporting so you will have to hunt him down a little bit.
Once you have killed wick, he has a chance to drop the Redundant Savvy Phebert. It can be a bit beefy to look at, but the weapon itself is actually pretty decent. It has decent stats across the board with additional effects of boosted weapon damage, critical hit damage, weapon shield capacity and weapon accuracy.
And Since it’s Hyperion, it has a shield on the gun when aiming down sights that can reflect bullets when hit overall it’s a decent legendary weapon and definitely one for the collectors.

That will conclude this BL3 Wick and Worty Legendary weapon Guide. Thanks for reading!

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