Borderlands 3 | How to get Stopgap and Storm front

how to get the Stopgap legendary shield mod and the Storm Front Legendary grenade

el dragon jr.

After the latest patch in BL3, the Legendary items, namely the Stopgap shield and the Storm front grenade are in a dedicated pool. You would want to farm this enemy until he drops these items or the one you wish to own. We will show you how to farm or get it and which enemy it drops from, along with its location.


Which enemy drops The stopgap grenade and the storm front nade mod
  • These items are dropped from El Dragon Jr.
  • After the latest patch, these items have been added to its dedicated loot drop pool.


What is the location of El Dragon Jr. (Stopgap and Storm front)
  • he is located at Eden-6, in Jakobs Estate.
  • He should be located near a waterfall in the shown place.

el dragon jr. map location

  • Kill the enemy, and if the item does not drop for you, quit to the main menu and load up the map again. Rinse and repeat until you get your desired mod(s).


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