Borderlands 3 | How to get The 9-Volt

Location of the “Kill Killavolt” Quest and how to get 9-Volt in BL3 :

About the Weapon :

This weapon is a legendary Dahl pistol that always comes with the shock elemental effect and will always have adamage modifier of times 3. The rest of its stats are subject to change depending on the weapon’s level.What makes this weapon unique though, is the burst pattern. It shoots six bullets for the price of three and shoots them in a V-shape. Because of this, it makes it a very powerful weapon to use.  

How to get the Legendary 9-Volt ?

To get this weapon you want to go to the Meridian Metroplex in Promethea and head over to the location shown below : Map Location for the “Kill Killavolt” Quest : In-game Location for “Kill Killavolt” Quest : It’s here where you can get a quest known as kill Killavolt. Since we already did the quest, it will not show up on our screen. But it will be available from the board on the pillar.

You’ll want to make your way through this quest line because at the very end of this you get to fight a boss known as killavolt and it’s here where the shocking 9-Volt is dropped. It can take a few runs to get him to drop it.

 However, you do have to complete the quest before you can continue farming this guy. Overall the weapon is very powerful and has additional effects of boosted critical hit damage and also has a two point two and five times weapon zoom. So a must have for those vault hunters out there!


That will end this short and detailed guide on getting the Legendary 9-Volt weapon in BL3. Thanks for reading!


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