Borderlands 3 | How to Get the Stark Westergun

Where to find the Legendary MALIWAN SMG in BL3 ?

About the weapon :

This Maliwan SMG known as the Stark Westergun comes with a wide range of double element combinations. For an SMG, this is actually pretty darn powerful! It has a decent fire rate and has additional effects of boosted Splash Damage radius and a 3.3 times weapon zoom.The tagline of the weapon “I believe you but my tommy gun don’t” is a reference to the movie Home alone.  

How to obtain the Legendary Stark Westergun ?

To get this weapon you need to have visited the planet of Athenas and also got the character known as Ava on board sanctuary III : This happens naturally through the main story but once you do have Ava on board the sanctuary 3, you can then get a side quest from her known as invasion of privacy and at the end of this quest, you will come across an enemy known as beans. Beans is the guy who has a chance to drop the legendary Stark Westergun.   Now, if you kill him and you don’t get the weapon you do need to complete the quest before you can continue to farmfor this. Given below is the location of this enemy as compared to your spawn location for ease of reference :     And that will conclude this maliwan legendary SMG, Stark Westergun walkthrough. Thanks for reading!   Also check out other BL3 legendary weapon guides :

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