Borderlands 3 | How To Get Torrent Legendary SMG

If you are in the hunt for a Legendary SMG with an insane Fire Rate in Borderlands 3, The Torrent may be the one for you. This weapon comes with the Designer’s Cut DLC, and owning one is a must to get this weapon. The DLC is free for all Season Pass 2 Owners and can be bought separately otherwise. In this guide, I will show you how to farm it, so read on…

How To Farm The Torrent SMG in BL3

The Torrent Legendary SMG can be Farmed from a number of places and bosses. basically, it is a world drop and you can get it from anywhere within the Arms Race DLC Map from the Designer’s Cut. But I will show a dedicated location to get it from. It is a chest and it has a specific location. Here is the Map Point for you for ease of reference:

the torrent drop chest location bl3

It is NOT a guaranteed drop every time, so you might want to save-quit a few times before you can get it to drop. If you are very lucky, then it can happen quicker, but I am considering the normal course of action.

About The Torrent SMG (Stats and Info)

FIRE RATE25.21/s
Mayhem Level 10
Critical Hit Damage+10%
Weapon damage+270%
Reload Speed Bonus+15%
Additional Weapon Fire Rate+33%

The Red Text Reads “haha gun go brrrr”

Weapon Overview and Tips

It is a DAHL weapon and can drop in different elements also. There are two unique things to notice about the weapon; The insane fire rate of the weapon and every tenth shot is a shock damaging bullet. The weapon indeed lives up to its quotes and indeed goes “Brrrr”. The recoil on this SMG is also bonkers, but understandable. I think they did this to balance out the insane damage it does to enemies in a very short period of time.

My build suggestion will definitely be the one with any Ammo Build. Moze is the perfect candidate for such weapons and does justice to the large volume of ammo this SMG consumes. Instead of holding down the trigger, my suggestion would be to use it in bursts to save ammo and hit accurately. if you plan on long-range encounters, this is not the one to pick. But I would definitely recommend it for your main loadout due to the shredding damage it deals to enemies, even at Mayhem level 10 with all the modifiers.

Let me know what do you think about this weapon. You can also share your unique builds and encounters down in the comments below. If you have a guide in mind, let me know, and I will try to build one for you. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on April 9, 2021

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