Borderlands 3 – How to start Guardian Breach Takedown

With the latest update of BL3, a new Takedown called Guardian Breach has been added. It brings new challenges to complete to overcome the Takedown. It is slightly on the tougher side, so you may want to bring the most meta builds for your vault hunters.

How to start the Guardian Breach takedown

  • Head upstairs in Sanctuary III to find Tannis.
  • The location should be in the infirmary.
  • Upon entering the infirmary, go over to a bright blue object on the desk.
  • Interact with it, and accept the quest.
  • Next, go to the Navigation console located at the front of Sanctuary III.
  • Select Minos Prime, spawn in the map and Start the Guardian Breach Takedown event!
guardian breach takedown bl3 guide

NOTE: You need to complete the main story, in order to access this event. So if you have not done it, make sure to complete it.

The Takedown is not so easy itself, so make sure to bring your best build of weapons and vault hunter meta builds to make it easier. The scalability of the event is as per the party size, so if you are in a party the difficulty will scale accordingly. If you are solo, you can still complete the event as the difficulty will be scaled as per your level.

With that being said, we shall conclude this guide on starting the Guardian Breach takedown in Borderlands 3.

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