Borderlands 3 | how to start Maliwan Takedown Fast

This is a mission-based game mode and a pretty tough one to be precise. Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite is the latest addition to BL3. An enjoyable yet challenging game mode for the vault hunters. If you are in for some tough co-op action this is the one to go for right now in Borderlands 3. However, accessing the Maliwan Takedown or Blacksite can be a bit confusing. To clear these cobwebs, we will show you how to access them the quickest and wreak havoc on your enemies.

Starting The Maliwan Takedown Quicker

The fastest method

  • By pressing Start, Open your Menu.
  • Go to the SOCIAL tab.
  • Go over to the Matchmaking tab.
  • scroll sideways, and in the end, you will find the Maliwan Takedown Tile.
  • Press START, and that is how you start the Maliwan Takedown/Blacksite.

An alternative method

The mission is called “Takedown at the maliwan black site”

  • Spawn in the sanctuary.
  • then navigate your way towards the left of the map.
  • Go past the golden treasure and the two vending machines.
  • You should now easily locate the Maliwan Takedown spot. It should look something like this:
  • Here is the exact map location to launch the maliwan takedown/black site:

maliwan takedown map location

  • You can launch it as shown above alternatively, and enjoy the new game mode.


“Blast your way through Maliwan’s blacksite and shut down the secret weapons research project codenamed “Valhalla”.”

Walkthrough TLDR

  • Enter the facility
  • Fight through the facility
  • Kill Valkyrie Squad
  • Fight through the facility
  • Kill Wotan the Invincible

Special Notes

  • The mission will automatically start upon entering Midnight’s Cairn.
  • If the mission is completed, simply fast traveling to another location and back to Midnight’s Cairn will reset the mission for another playthrough.
  • Only two checkpoints exist in the entire area; one is located at the start at the Secure Airlock, while the other is available midway at Katagawa’s Reach after defeating the Valkyrie Squad.
    • Should the Vault Hunter be killed while other Vault Hunters are still alive during the mission, they will be forced to spectate until the team reaches a checkpoint. Alternatively, if all of the Vault Hunters in the game are killed, they will be forced back to the last checkpoint.
    • If a Vault Hunter is spectating while fighting Wotan the Invincible, they will respawn next to the one-way fast travel station at The Godsgallows should Wotan be successfully eliminated, allowing them to get the loot dropped.
  • If the Vault Hunter has enough distance from Wotan, he will not fire at them with his laser cannons at all. This works effectively for the first three phases if a defensive playstyle is used or to simply avoid damage.
  • After the February 13th hotfix that implemented Broken Hearts Day, a switch was added to Midnight’s Cairn that allows players to toggle the difficulty of the mission. It can either be much easier and scaled to team size, or much harder as it was initially designed called “True Takedown”.

Notes source: borderlands fandom

That will conclude this guide on how to start the takedown on the black site fastest and an alternative location for it in the sanctuary in BL3.

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