Borderlands 3 Raging bear build and Farm guide

Bl3 Moze build for raging bear and how to farm it

After the latest update of borderlands 3, The raging bear class mod has been added to dedicated loot pools. If you manage to combine it with a Meta Moze build, it can wreak havoc on the enemies. Let us show you what can be a suggestive build with Moze using the raging bear, and where do you farm this mod.

Note: You can only farm this mod in Mayhem 4, so make sure you start the farm in that only.


How to activate Mayhem 4?

  • Head over to Maurice, in sanctuary III.
  • Go past him and you should see the Mayhem statues.
  • Hitting the left relic/statue should decrease the mayhem level, and the right one should increase it by 1.
  • Use this to make the middle piece say “4” and you should be good to go.


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How to Farm the Raging Bear?

  • This Mod can be dropped by Billy, the anointed.
  • He is located on Jakobs Estate in Eden-6.
  • Here is the map location for billy the anointed:

billy the anointed location

  • You can also farm it from Wotan in Mayhem 4.
  • Another way to farm this is from the Valkyrie Squad.


The Moze build for raging bear

raging bear build moze 3

raging bear build moze 2

raging bear build moze

  • For Weapons, you can run a Dastardly Maggie, Lucian’s call, Cocky Flakker, and Ruby’s Wrath.


Raging Bear Stats

  • Whenever Iron Bear kills an enemy, it gains decreased fuel usage.
  • Whenever the Iron bear takes damage, it gains increased damage.
  • +29% splash damage radius.
  • -18% damage reduction.
  • +20% incendiary resistance.


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Note that this is a suggestive build. You can experiment around and come up with better builds for your play style. If you have any suggestions or general questions let us know in the comments below. That will conclude this Raging bear farm and build guide in BL3.


Thanks for reading!


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