Borderlands 3(Bl3): How to farm or get Miscreant

This guide shows you, how you can own the Miscreant in Borderlands 3. But first, make sure you own the Bounty for Blood DLC 3 in order to farm the weapon. An effective Legendary Pistol to carry in your journey, and recommended for collectors, as well as for New vault hunters out there.

BL3 – Miscreant Farm location (how to get)

  • The enemy/boss that drops Miscreant is Quartermaster.
  • The location is Bloodsun Canyon – Presentation Room on Gehenna.
  • You need to fast travel to Bloodsun Canyon – Presentation Room to make it your Spawn Point.
  • Here is the Map location for Quartermaster:
Miscreant get or farm bl3 map location
  • Just before you enter the boss’s area, you should see the save point to your left.
  • Make sure to hit save before starting the grind.
  • Drop down to the main arena after saving and start farming.

Miscreant Weapon Stats

FIRE RATE12.91/s

The Red Text reads “Why waste time shoot lot gun when few gun do trick?”

Miscreant Weapon Overview

This comes from the Manufacturing of VLADOF. The weapon can drop in all elements as well as the non-elemental form. Miscreant comes in two fire modes. The normal fire mode shoots rockets in single barrel mode. The double-barrel mode shoots rockets with a 25% increase in fire-rate. This simply increases the DPS of the weapon at the cost of more ammo consumption.
The weapon absolutely shreds enemies even at Mayhem level 10. All of this, when combined with the only crit build of FL4K or a meta Moze build can do serious work of enemies. Definitely recommended for your main loadout and can be used even at the highest level available in the game.

That will be all for this guide on getting or farming Miscreant Legendary Pistol in Borderlands 3. We are open to suggestions or questions via the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

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