Borderlands 3(Bl3): How to get or farm Robin’s Call

Wondering how to get Robin’s Call in Borderlands 3? We got you with this short guide. You need to own the Bounty of Blood DLC 3 to farm this weapon. A very unique Legendary shotgun with heavy emphasis to land those critical hits. Make sure to use the correct build if you want to main this weapon.

BL3 – Robin’s Call Farm location (Drop Location)

  • The Enemy that drops Robin’s Call is Garriden Loch.
  • The Location is Ashfall Peaks in Gehenna.
  • Fast travel to Ashfall Peaks – Caldera Stronghold. This will be your spawn point.
  • Here is the Map location for Garriden Loch to farm Robin’s Call:
Robins call farm map location
  • Make sure to hit the save station before starting the farm.

Robin’s Call Weapon Stats


The red text says “Are you not he”

Robin’s Call Weapon Overview

The weapon is a JAKOBS manufacture. Upon critical hits, you get ammo back. For example, if you shoot 12 pellets/shot and all of them are critical hits, you get 12 ammo back in your magazine. This means that doing critical hits will ensure that you never run out of ammo. For obvious reasons, it is a must weapon to use with a FL4K Crit build or any other crit build you have.
A definite recommendation for your main loadout. Just make sure to land crit hits and be accurate with the shots. The damage on the weapon is enough to take down bosses and enemies even at higher levels.

That is all!

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