Botworld Adventure Virus Guide: All Abilities, Upgrades, and Items

This guide will give you complete information regarding the character Virus in the game Botworld Adventure. This character is very unique and interesting in its own regard and is one of the highly talked about characters in this game.

This guide covers all aspects like Abilities, Rarity, the Items as well as the latest updates received by this bot character. It will be clear that this bot is a bit too hot to handle! Do read the full guide and if you like it then leave a comment to let me know.

Botworld Adventure Virus Abilities, Items, and Upgrades


Who is Virus in Botworld and How To Get Him?

botworld adventure virus guide

Let me first start off by saying that Virus has a Rarity of Epic in this game and it is completely justified. Its role is that of a Brawler and its Attack Type is Melee. The Locations of this character are Parched Sea and Spore Wood.

It can be obtained by sending the recruits (The Uberbot Part 3) or by buying Premium Scrap at the game’s shop. Virus hacks into foes, turning them against each other.

Virus Abilities

Virus in this game so far has a set of 3 unique abilities. First off, he has a moderate melee attack called Whack. He also has a singular ability called Disable which allows him to immobilize the nearest enemy.

The most unique ability out of all his abilities is definitely Hack, which can make the nearest enemy attack its allies for a few seconds. This can become very handy in clutch situations where you are getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies.

Items/ Cards/ Equipment for Virus


  • Powerful Strikes: All attack damage increased by 25%
  • Overclock Engines: Hacked enemies now moved 200% faster
  • Reinstall: Killing on enemy fully charges Hack
  • Speed Boost: Move speed increased by 25%
  • Quick Typer: Hack cooldown decreased by 20%
  • Popup: Disable immobilizes duration increased by 30%
  • Overclock Weapons: Hacked enemies now do 30% more damage
  • Fortitude: Health increased by 20%
  • Syphon Power: Use hacked enemy’s processer to generate one botpack power

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Upgrades for Virus

NameLevelRarityUsage/InformationHow To Get
Virus Essence20+EpicVery rare ingredient required to update this bot beyond level 20– Finding scrap piles
– Attacking bots or bandits
– Buy Premium Scrap at Shop
– Open Chest
Brawler Battery15+RareOften found by catching a critter– Catching a critter
– Open Chest
– Buy Scrap at Shop (Random scraps)
Glass Tube10+SpecialOften carried by bandits– Attacking bandits
– Open Chest
– Buy Scrap at Shop (Random scraps)
Sparky WiresStartingCommonOften found on wild bots– Attacking wild bots
– Buy Scrap at Shop (Random scraps)
– Open Chest
Rusty CogStartingCommonOften found by the water– Finding scrap piles near the waters
– Buy Scrap at Shop (Random scraps)
Cold BatteryStartingCommonOften found after very quick battles– Attacking bots or bandits
– Open Chest
– Buy Scrap at Shop (Random scraps)
– Buy Cold batteries at Larry’s Shop (In Danger Zone only)

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Last Updated on January 15, 2022

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