Breathedge | Item Blueprints, Modules, and Compartments Locations

In this guide for Breathedge, we will go over the locations for Item Blueprints, Modules, and Compartments. The detailed guide consists of Chapters (1-3), Vehicles, Base Buildings, and Modules. If you feel that it is lacking in information, do let me know in the comments.

Items, Compartments, and Modules Locations for Breathedge


  • Basic Balloon: When you exit your starting ship – head straight down to the wreck below your ship, and inspect the inflated Balloon.
  • Advanced Balloon: Towards the center of Chapter 1 there is a floating kindergarten area. Inspect the painting on the wall.
  • Flashlight: Head straight out of the first ship, and head a little down and to the right – there is a corpse with a flashlight blueprint.
  • First Accelerator: Head out of the ship, turn right and head towards a small wreck in the Coolant area, and pick up a “Schwarma” item. There should also be some ‘Yellow Water’ nearby which is required to make the first two accelerator items.
  • Lead Paint: Towards the Red Paint area – use the Smuggler’s eye to open the nearby locked box.
  • Grabber Blueprint: Pick up the Back-Scratcher in the starting ship.
  • Suitcase: Go to the Post Office wreck behind and to the left of the starting ship. Break open all of the cardboard containers.


  • Basic Oxygen Tank upgrade: When you reach the first Engineering ship, exit and fly upwards. It is next to one of the small wrecks.
  • Military Oxygen Tank: 2 parts.
    -Near the Military wreck in one of the small wrecks guarded by Bots.
    -Very close to the above part – there is a nearby smallish asteroid. The part is just on the other side of that asteroid.
  • Large Accelerator: Right at the start of Chapter 2 – go out of the Engineering ship and lead down and left. You will see a coffin with some jets coming out of it.
  • Obsolete Accelerator: At the Military Base there’s a person smeared against the side of a nearby wreck.
  • Jet accelerator: 2 Parts.
    -In the Coolant area there is a small wreck fairly low down.
    -Between the Coolant area and the Electrical area, way down the bottom there is a piece of a big wreck with a little booster on the end.
  • Military Suit: Dead guy floating just to the right of the Military Base entrance.
  • Upgraded Flashlight: When leaving the first Engineering Ship and traversing the big open area towards the Big Gun / Military ship, it’s in a dark wreck down and to the left. Near the ‘Station Status Screen’ wreck


  • Vacuum Cleaner: Available pieces are 4. You need 3 of them.
    -1. Get the first Vacuum Cleaner near the Blue Tape area.
    -2. Inside the Mayonnaise Ship
    -3. Inside the Military Base
    -4. Inside the Armored Wreck that you cut open.
  • Space Car Blueprints: Required parts are 3.
    -Below the Mayonnaise Ship – there is a smaller rectangular wreck inside it, with a Car inside that.
    -At the Electrical Area, right in front of a spherical wreck with two electrical arcs – there is a hollow asteroid with a Car wreck inside.
    -Go to the Bio Ship (with the Cow/Chicken Aliens) and look down towards the Electrical area. There is a small asteroid with a trail going to it. A blueprint / crashed Car is inside of the small asteroid.


  • Compartments: Will be updated.
  • Status Screen: Floating wreck near the big open area – between the first Engineering ship and the Big Gun / Military Base area.
  • Solar Panel: In the Electrical area – look for a small rectangular wreck with panels all over it. It is fairly visible.
  • Closet Compartment (Storage): A Small Wreck near the Big Gun.
  • Vehicle Bay Compartment: A Small wreck floating near the ship with the Big Gun – a bit higher than the gun, and in the direction of the Electrical area.
  • Reinforcement Compartment: A Small wreck floating near the ship with the Big Gun – about level with the gun itself, in the direction of the Electrical area.
  • Kitchen Compartment: I think this was also near the Big Gun – from memory, it was near the side of the Armored Cylinder that you cut open?
  • Bed Compartment: A small Wreck Near the Big Gun, close to the bottom of the Armored Cylinder that you cut open.
  • Improved Communications: A small wreck between the Big Gun and Mayonnaise areas, fairly high up
  • Toilet: In the Electrical area – to the side of a big wreck. Go to the area with a series of empty metal rings, then look around for a spherical tank connected to a toilet by a Pipe.
  • Corridor Airlock: Will be updated.
  • Display Case: This Will be updated.


  • Tube: Near the first Engineering ship, there is a rectangular wreck a little way off. Towards the ‘Coolant’ direction
  • Corridor: Near the first Engineering ship, there is a rectangular wreck a little way off and a little higher – towards the Molten rock / Big Gun / Military Base direction.
  • Service Modules
    Small: In the armored Cylinder that you cut open with the Big Gun.
    Medium: In the base where you make your first airlock (Near the first Vacuum Cleaner)
    Large: Military Base
  • Transport Modules
    Small: Military Base
    Medium: Mayonnaise Ship
    Large: In the Cow / Bio-Base.
  • Habitation Modules
    Small: At the start of Chapter 2 – above the first Engineering ship, right next to the Oxygen Cylinder upgrade.
    Medium: The Armoured Cylinder that you cut open with the Big Gun.
    Large: Inside the intact Electric Sphere, with the electrical field blocking the entrance
  • Decorations:
    Green Lamp: In the Cow / Bio-Base.
    Trash Can: Cow / Bio-Base
    Small Aquarium: Cow / Bio-Base
    Reel-to-Reel-Tape-Recorder: Military Base

That is all I am sharing for this guide. If you want to add to the the article, or have any questions, please leave a comment! Thank you for reading.

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    1. If you are looking for the Blueprint for the compensator, It can be either at the place where you had to repair the airlock to get in. It can also be at the centrifugal facility on the mayo section. Either you pick up the item itself that gives you the blueprint, or you can scan it.

    1. I think you need to get hold of the blueprints first. It will show up in your inventory after that. Always carry a scanner since it can come in handy. It should look something like this:
      Go inside that sphere and usually you need to hold down left-click to examine these plans/blueprints. Once that is done it will be added to your inventory.

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