Breathedge | Item Blueprints, Modules, and Compartments Locations

In this guide for Breathedge, we will go over the locations for Item Blueprints, Modules, and Compartments. The detailed guide consists of Chapters (1-3), Vehicles, Base Buildings, and Modules. If you feel that it is lacking in information, do let me know in the comments.

Items, Compartments, and Modules Locations for Breathedge


  • Basic Balloon: When you exit your starting ship – head straight down to the wreck below your ship, and inspect the inflated Balloon.
  • Advanced Balloon: Towards the center of Chapter 1 there is a floating kindergarten area. Inspect the painting on the wall.
  • Flashlight: Head straight out of the first ship, and head a little down and to the right – there is a corpse with a flashlight blueprint.
  • First Accelerator: Head out of the ship, turn right and head towards a small wreck in the Coolant area, and pick up a “Schwarma” item. There should also be some ‘Yellow Water’ nearby which is required to make the first two accelerator items.
  • Lead Paint: Towards the Red Paint area – use the Smuggler’s eye to open the nearby locked box.
  • Grabber Blueprint: Pick up the Back-Scratcher in the starting ship.
  • Suitcase: Go to the Post Office wreck behind and to the left of the starting ship. Break open all of the cardboard containers.


  • Basic Oxygen Tank upgrade: When you reach the first Engineering ship, exit and fly upwards. It is next to one of the small wrecks.
  • Military Oxygen Tank: 2 parts.
    -Near the Military wreck in one of the small wrecks guarded by Bots.
    -Very close to the above part – there is a nearby smallish asteroid. The part is just on the other side of that asteroid.
  • Large Accelerator: Right at the start of Chapter 2 – go out of the Engineering ship and lead down and left. You will see a coffin with some jets coming out of it.
  • Obsolete Accelerator: At the Military Base there’s a person smeared against the side of a nearby wreck.
  • Jet accelerator: 2 Parts.
    -In the Coolant area there is a small wreck fairly low down.
    -Between the Coolant area and the Electrical area, way down the bottom there is a piece of a big wreck with a little booster on the end.
  • Military Suit: Dead guy floating just to the right of the Military Base entrance.
  • Upgraded Flashlight: When leaving the first Engineering Ship and traversing the big open area towards the Big Gun / Military ship, it’s in a dark wreck down and to the left. Near the ‘Station Status Screen’ wreck


  • Vacuum Cleaner: Available pieces are 4. You need 3 of them.
    -1. Get the first Vacuum Cleaner near the Blue Tape area.
    -2. Inside the Mayonnaise Ship
    -3. Inside the Military Base
    -4. Inside the Armored Wreck that you cut open.
  • Space Car Blueprints: Required parts are 3.
    -Below the Mayonnaise Ship – there is a smaller rectangular wreck inside it, with a Car inside that.
    -At the Electrical Area, right in front of a spherical wreck with two electrical arcs – there is a hollow asteroid with a Car wreck inside.
    -Go to the Bio Ship (with the Cow/Chicken Aliens) and look down towards the Electrical area. There is a small asteroid with a trail going to it. A blueprint / crashed Car is inside of the small asteroid.


  • Compartments: Will be updated.
  • Status Screen: Floating wreck near the big open area – between the first Engineering ship and the Big Gun / Military Base area.
  • Solar Panel: In the Electrical area – look for a small rectangular wreck with panels all over it. It is fairly visible.
  • Closet Compartment (Storage): A Small Wreck near the Big Gun.
  • Vehicle Bay Compartment: A Small wreck floating near the ship with the Big Gun – a bit higher than the gun, and in the direction of the Electrical area.
  • Reinforcement Compartment: A Small wreck floating near the ship with the Big Gun – about level with the gun itself, in the direction of the Electrical area.
  • Kitchen Compartment: I think this was also near the Big Gun – from memory, it was near the side of the Armored Cylinder that you cut open?
  • Bed Compartment: A small Wreck Near the Big Gun, close to the bottom of the Armored Cylinder that you cut open.
  • Improved Communications: A small wreck between the Big Gun and Mayonnaise areas, fairly high up
  • Toilet: In the Electrical area – to the side of a big wreck. Go to the area with a series of empty metal rings, then look around for a spherical tank connected to a toilet by a Pipe.
  • Corridor Airlock: Will be updated.
  • Display Case: This Will be updated.


  • Tube: Near the first Engineering ship, there is a rectangular wreck a little way off. Towards the ‘Coolant’ direction
  • Corridor: Near the first Engineering ship, there is a rectangular wreck a little way off and a little higher – towards the Molten rock / Big Gun / Military Base direction.
  • Service Modules
    Small: In the armored Cylinder that you cut open with the Big Gun.
    Medium: In the base where you make your first airlock (Near the first Vacuum Cleaner)
    Large: Military Base
  • Transport Modules
    Small: Military Base
    Medium: Mayonnaise Ship
    Large: In the Cow / Bio-Base.
  • Habitation Modules
    Small: At the start of Chapter 2 – above the first Engineering ship, right next to the Oxygen Cylinder upgrade.
    Medium: The Armoured Cylinder that you cut open with the Big Gun.
    Large: Inside the intact Electric Sphere, with the electrical field blocking the entrance
  • Decorations:
    Green Lamp: In the Cow / Bio-Base.
    Trash Can: Cow / Bio-Base
    Small Aquarium: Cow / Bio-Base
    Reel-to-Reel-Tape-Recorder: Military Base

That is all I am sharing for this guide. If you want to add to the the article, or have any questions, please leave a comment! Thank you for reading.

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