Call Of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare 2019 | Get/unlock Heat Cycle SMG

How can we unlock or get the Heat Cycle Legendary SMG in COD MW 2019?

New contents mean new weapons for the players of COD MW 2019. And the urge to get one becomes more prominent if it is a Legendary SMG blueprint. One such SMG is the Heat Cycle. Let us take a look at how we can get it, and how to access particular objectives to get the coveted reward.

heat cycle smg

Mission to get/unlock the Heat Cycle SMG

Make sure to equip this mission, by going over to Missions Tab in barracks, Before proceeding with the objectives.

  • Run ‘N Gun

heat cycle mission


Objective 1

  • Get 5 headshots using an SMG.
  • Rewards – XP: 2000 | Loot: Helping Hand Calling Card


Objective 2

  • Get 50 kills with an SMG in the Secondary slot with the Overkill Perk.
  • Rewards – XP: 3000 | Loot: Do Whatever Sticker


Objective 3

  • Get 75 kills using an SMG while having Golem as your coalition operator. You can find the golem operator under “warcom” in the coalition.
  • Rewards – XP: 4000 | Loot: Hyena Owl Emblem


Objective 4

  • Get 100 kills using an SMG and with the Tracker perk equipped.
  • Rewards – XP: 5000 | Loot: Domination Spray


Objective 5

  • Get 20 kills with an SMG in the gunfight mode.
  • Rewards – XP: 5000 | Loot: On Your Mind calling card


Objective 6

  • Get 90 hipfire kills using an SMG with a Laser attachment.
  • Rewards – XP: 6000 | Loot: Take a seat spray


Objective 7

  • Get 50 kills with an SMG and equipped with the Double time Perk.
  • Rewards – XP: 7000 | Loot: Cherry on top charm


Objective 8

  • Get 15 throwing knife kills.
  • Rewards – XP: 8000 | Loot: Arachnophobia calling card


Objective 9

  • Get 30 kills with an SMG with the enemies near smoke.
  • Rewards – XP: 10000 | Loot: Heat Cycle Sub Machine Gun


So, a total of 9 objectives should get you your coveted Heat cycle in COD MW 2019. We are open to questions/suggestions so let us know in the comments below.


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