Call Of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare | How to Get/unlock Last Breath

One of the most awaited operators has finally arrived on COD: MW. He is the Ghost and is now a playable operator in the game. But the catch is that, in order to unlock him, you either need to own the Season 2 battle pass or unlock a skin for the ghost. This guide is mainly for the Season 2 Battle pass owners, so make sure you own the BP before proceeding with the rest of the guide. Having said that, let us take a look at how we can unlock the Last Breath Skin for Ghost.

How To Get Ghost Operator Skin in COD: MW

Equipping Ghost

  • From the multiplayer tab, head over to the Operator tab and click on Coalition.
  • Under the SAS category, you should find Ghost.
  • Make sure you equip Ghost before proceeding with the objectives for the Mission.


Operator Mission – Ghost

This mission will unlock at level 0 (immediately) of the battle pass.

Objective 1

  • use the dead silence field upgrade 5 times, with the ghost as your coalition operator. (you can check how to equip ghost from above)
  • Rewards: XP – 750 | Loot – Silent Death calling card

Objective 2

  • Get 15 kills while using the ghost perk with the ghost as your coalition operator.
  • Rewards: XP – 1000 | Loot – Mandible Operator Skin

Objective 3

  • Get 3 throwing knife kills with the ghost as your coalition operator.
  • Rewards: XP – 1250 | Loot – Off you go operator quip

Objective 4

  • Get 3 melee kills with Ghost as your coalition operator.
  • Rewards: XP – 2000 | Loot – Last breath operator Skin

About Season 2 BP and Ghost Skin

Got the Season Two Battle Pass? Congratulations; you now have access to progress and unlock 150 plus new items in 100 tiers ranging from weapon blueprints and charms to Operator skins and personalization items for your profile.

Yes, 100 plus; when you first purchase the Battle Pass, you not only unlock Ghost and the Marshland skin for Thorne but also their Operator Missions. These Operator Missions become available alongside every Operator’s skin to unlock in the Battle Pass. The Operator Missions give you the opportunity to unlock two more skin variants and two additional items just by completing challenges. Plus, these challenges also reward XP, which can help you progress through the Enlisted Ranks.

As a reminder, Operator Missions can only be completed when the Mission is activated and the Operator for that mission is your chosen Operator for their faction. You can still earn mission progress while playing for the other team – e.g., as long as your Coalition Operator is Ghost, you can load into games as Minotaur on the Allegiance and complete Ghost’s Mission – but if you don’t have them as a selected Operator, it won’t count.

Here are the Operator Mission sets up to Tier 40 in the Battle Pass – Ghost, Thorne, Otter, Raines, Wyatt, and D-Day – and the tips we have for completing them quickly:

Operator Mission – Ghost

Unlocked at Tier 0 (Upon Battle Pass Purchase)

1. Use the Dead Silence Field Upgrade 5 times with Ghost as your Coalition Operator

Reward: 750 XP / Silent Death Calling Card

Try using TuneUp to speed up earning the Dead Silence Field Upgrade in-game.

2. Get 15 Kills while using the Ghost perk with Ghost as your Coalition Operator

Reward: 1,000 XP / Mandible Operator Skin

Credits: Activision

So, a summation of 4 objectives is all you need to unlock the coveted Last Breath operator skin for Ghost in COD: MW 2019 Season 2. If you face any issues while doing any of these objectives or have any questions, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

31 thoughts on “Call Of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare | How to Get/unlock Last Breath”

  1. The last breath objective has glitched for me as my melee kills dont count, any reason why this is happening?? I even tried 6 or 7 kills by equipting the knife and pressing R2 to no avail.

  2. My throwing knife kills aren’t counting and my melee kills aren’t counting. This is killing my kill to death ratio

    1. I only need one melee kill left. I have done it several times in several different ways. For some reason it doesnt count.

    2. Alternatively, try to use a combo of riot shield and knife for melee kills. See if that counts towards progress

    1. Yes it can be done there, however some of these trackers are bugged so the numbers may not come up. But the progress still counts

  3. I’m stuck on the second objective. I’ve kill well over the 15 people using the ghost perk. Do I need to melee them because I have been shooting them.

  4. Ghost’s Operator Mission – Objective Three – Get 3 Throwing knife kills doesn’t seem to work. Do I need to get 3 of those throwing knife kills in one match? I don’t have multiplayer and only have warzone. Could it only be unlocked on multiplayer?

    1. As far as we checked it can be done in multiplayer mode. As for warzone we have not received any confirmation from anyone doing it there and unlocking the skin.

    1. As reported my a majority of players, specifically use a riot shield with a knife, then try to get the melee kills. If it still does not count, wait for a reply from the devs to address the issue

    1. You need to own the Seasons battle pass to get ghost, and then equip this skin. You can also unlock ghost IF he becomes available in the store, using cod points.

  5. For using dead silence objective do you have to use it and get a kill or just use it. Since it looks like it is bugged for me.

  6. For the dead silence one do you have to get a kill while using it or just use it, since it’s not working for me.

  7. I’m on the PlayStation and I have unlocked the mandible operator skin but I don’t have any further challenges to unlock last breath operator skin?

    1. Ideally, you need to get 3 melee kills while playing as Ghost. You can track this from the mission progression tab. Secondly, you need to do the throwing knife challenge. You can down an opponent, then go up to them and throw the throwing knife at them or melee them. You can do this in Warzone (plunder) as well.

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