Call of Duty (COD): Warzone | how to get Deep Blue

Deep Blue is an LMG blueprint in COD Modern Warfare. If you want to unlock or get it, you will need to do certain objectives in a sequential manner. But before going for these objectives, make sure you select the mission needed to start the process. Go to Barracks > Missions & Challenges > Missions and select the mission shown below.

Deep blue how to get guide

Mission to unlocking objectives for Deep Blue

  • Hands Off
hands off

Objectives to do to get Deep Blue

  • Objective 1
    Get 7 kills using Lethal Equipment.

Rewards – XP: 2000 | Loot: Off-Road calling card

  • Objective 2
    Get 3 kills from a cruise missile

Rewards – XP: 3000 | Loot: Intense Conversation calling card

  • Objective 3
    Stun or bind 15 enemies using tactical equipment.

Rewards – XP: 4000 | Loot: Clockwork calling card

  • Objective 4
    Activate your field upgrade 25 times.

Rewards – XP: 5000 | Loot: Open Chute calling card

  • Objective 5
    Get 10 melee kills using a sniper or a marksman rifle.

Rewards – XP: 6000 | Loot: Ballistic calling card

  • Objective 6
    Win 2 matches of a gunfight.

Rewards – XP: 5000 | Loot: Carbon Bear Assault Rifle

A cumulation of 6 objectives in total to get your weapon BP.

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