Call of Duty (COD): Warzone | How to get/unlock Berliner

Guide on how to get Berliner in Call of duty: warzone

After the recent release of Warzone battle royale for COD: MW, new weapon blueprints have arrived with other contents. One of them is the Berliner Assault Rifle. Let us take a look at a list of objectives and the Mission needed to be done, to get this blueprint.

Make sure to activate the Mission first before proceeding with the Objectives listed below. In order to activate the mission, go to Barracks > Missions & Challenges > Warzone Missions and select/activate the one you want to do.

Berliner how to get guide

Mission to get the Berliner AR

  • Boot Camp!

boot camp

Objectives To get the Berliner AR

Objective 1

  • Ping 1 enemy
  • Rewards – XP: 750 | Loot: Clashing blades calling card


Objective 2

  • Ping 1 object on the ground
  • Rewards – XP: 750 | Loot: Downward Dog spray


Objective 3

  • Ping “danger” in the world
  • Rewards – XP: 750 | Loot: Ammi Right spray


Objective 4

  • Collect a weapon in 1 Different match ( Simply collect a weapon in a Warzone match)
  • Rewards – XP: 1000 | Loot: China lake calling card


Objective 5

  • Collect your loadout 1 time.
  • Rewards – XP: 1250 | Loot: Albino flame Emblem


Objective 6

  • Collect 15 piles of cash from the ground
  • Rewards – XP: 1250 | Loot: Deflect This spray


Objective 7

  • Survive 1 second in the gas field
  • Rewards – XP: 750 | Loot: Clashing blades calling card


Objective 8

  • Pilot a vehicle for 5 minutes
  • Rewards – XP: 1750 | Loot: Serpentine Emblem


Objective 9

  • Open 10 caches
  • Rewards – XP: 2000 | Loot: Back Scratch spray


Objective 10

  • Use 6 armor plates
  • Rewards – XP: 2500 | Loot: Berliner Assault Rifle


So all in all, a total of 10 objectives should fetch you the coveted Berliner Assault rifle.

If you have any issues or questions let us know in the comments. We usually respond within 12hours of posting. That will conclude this short guide on how to get the Berliner Assault Rifle in Call of Duty (COD): Warzone

Thanks for reading!

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    1. Did you try equipping it via the gun section tab followed by pressing the equip blueprint extension tab next to the respective gun?

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