Call of Duty Mobile Season 5: Everything you Need to Know

Call of Duty Mobile has been one of the premier favorites for gamers. Over the past four iterations, millions of players have immersed themselves in the beloved game. Season 4, titled ‘Wild Dogs,’ is doing quite well with its first-time modes, maps, and the unique Battle Pass.

The last one is a feature event mixed with live players who compete for awards. Thus, we can see the heavy reach of the game exacerbated by the brand it’s attached to.

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Therefore, it is no surprise that fans are eagerly awaiting the new season to release. No doubt, there will be a ton of new features to test and play. Read on to find out everything that’s known about the upcoming season and what can be expected in it.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5: Everything you need to know

Release date

The Battle Pass for Call of Duty Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs ends on June 2. In the past, the new season has begun immediately after that. It has been titled “In Deep Water.”

Therefore, fans can expect Season 5 to begin on the same day or on June 3. Needless to say, if there are problems in production or other errors, it will get delayed a bit. The official launch date has not been revealed yet, so keep your eyes peeled. 


A test server was released on May 10 which gave fans the first glimpse at three new weapons. These are the KSP45 SMG, Oden Assault Rifle, and LCAR9 Pistol. They are presently not included in Season 4, meaning players have to wait till next season. 

Given that it’s only a test server, fans can expect at least one of the guns to feature in the final version. However, it will also not be surprising if all three show up. More will be known once the official trailer drops from the developers themselves. 

New jet coming

Yes, you read it right. After a long time of waiting, the Jackal Fighter Jet is ready to make its debut. The aerial best is perfect for battles in the air and in space. The Jackal Fighter Jet was a regular part of the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

However, there can be changes in its operations and flying prowess in the mobile version. Nevertheless, only time and the future will tell what all the Jet will be able to do. 

Echo Grenade launching

One of the most major updates coming to the game. The Echo Tactical Grenade is a game-changer for players and enemies. It has the ability to “pinpoint” positions of the enemy after throwing the grenade.

Walls will not be able to protect either, and you can simply head over to the hiding spot and finish the job.

Changes in Perks

The major change has come to Persistence. Apart from changing its color from red to blue, it continues to allow players to rack up streaks in scoring even after their life ends.

Players, while using Persistence, will get their scoring streaks broken down into three categories of rank: low, middle, and high. However, players can use only a scoring streak from every rank at any one time. Now it’s time to check out whether this translates to the actual game version.

Thus, here’s everything that’s out in the public domain so far regarding the upcoming season. Needless to say, more information will be given as the date gets nearer. Make sure to keep checking out the website!

Last Updated on May 15, 2022

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