Modern Warfare 2 – List Of All Achievements And Trophies Guide

The Call of Duty series is one of the most popular in the gaming world. For many years, it has been the shining light for developers Blizzard who have always kept the iterations of the game fresh and exciting.

It is filled with action-packed fighting against enemy forces with an intense storyline and various modes of combat. Indeed, the progression of the story is one of the most crucial parts of the game over the years which fans have lapped up with glee.

Additionally, there are several achievements and trophies to be won which players can fight for during the natural course of any of the releases. The same is the case for the latest edition, titled Modern Warfare 2, which has quite a few accomplishments for players to complete.

In that regard, the following guide will help players in knowing all about the various achievements and how to go about earning them. Moreover, I have also included the mission in which the respective achievement will be found in the game.

Call of Duty MW2 - Full List of Achievements

COD: MW2 – List of achievements guide (Campaign)

Ghost-in-Training (El Sin Nombre)

Get to the penthouse in the mission but you cannot set off the alarm or take out any enemy present.

Gunless (Alone)

Complete the whole mission without using your weapon.

Wall of Duty (Prison Break, Ghost Team, Countdown, or Spec Ops)

An achievement that can be found in any of the above missions where you have to knock out three opponents with the help of the Riot Shield.

Crocodile (Wetwork)

You will have to take down three opponents when you are submerged underwater during the mission.

A Crappy Way To Die (Darkwater)

You have to take out an opponent present inside a porta-potty. You may have to start the mission from the last checkpoint if any of your teammates take out the enemy.

Must Be Wind (Countdown)

Using all your powers of stealth, you will have to rescue the hostages but cannot alert the opponents into shooting off their weaponry.

Nessie (Wetwork)

Make your way to the barge unseen in the mission.

Cutting heads off Snakes

Set Veteran or Realism difficulty when finishing all missions in Campaign mode.

Backpack Guy (Prison Break)

Make use of Molotov Cocktail, Frag, and Semtex to finish off enemies who are gassed or blinded. 

Nobody Was There (Recon By Fire)

Avoid alerting the alarm during the whole course of the mission.

No Time To Lose (Prison Break)

Finish off the CCTV part of the mission in less than four minutes.

Daredevil (Cartel Protection)

When you are struck by Flashbang, take out a couple of enemies in Campaign or Co-op mode.

Test Drive (Violence and Timing)

Drive through five kinds of vehicles in the mission.

Don’t touch the Deck! (Darkwater)

Move forward 90 meters to the front of the barge but you cannot touch the deck.

Practice makes Perfect (Ghost Team)

Finish off all the enemies in the training ground.

Time for Pints

Complete the full Campaign on any level of Difficulty.

Gentleman Thief (El Sin Nombre and Alone)

Crack open three safes during the Campaign.

Keeping this One (Violence and Timing)

Hijack a vehicle and get to Price using that one.

Call of Duty MW2 - achievement mode

Call of Duty: MW2 – List of secret achievements guide (Spec Ops)

All of the following are from the Spec Ops league of missions.

Going Dark

Finish off ‘Low Profile’ with no set-off alarms.

Night Fight

Get three stars in ‘Low Profile.’


Collect three stars in the ‘Denied Area.’

Full SSE

Get 20 fragments of Intel in Co-op mode.

Kings of the Mountain

Get three stars in ‘Defender. Mt Zaya.’

Only the Beginning

Collect a minimum of one star in Co-op mode.

Modern Warfare 2 – List of secret achievements guide (Safe Codes)

There are three safes in the game which can be opened by following the same kind of processes as for achievements.

Coffee Shop (Alone)

Make your way to the Coffee Shop and use code 10-10-80.

Diego’s Office (El Sin Nombre)

You will find the safe behind the Lazar Salgado painting and make use of the code 02-02-19.

Mechanic Shop (Alone)

You have to visit the Mechanic’s office with the code 37-60-80.

Thus, these are all the achievements present in Modern Warfare 2. You can get most of the game by playing through the game naturally. Some of the others will need precision or a few attempts, but all of them can be earned overall. The most difficult is, of course, finishing off the whole game in a greater range of difficulty.

Last Updated on October 25, 2022

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