Modern Warfare 2 – A Crappy Way To Die Achievement Guide

The famed Call of Duty franchise is one of the favorites of gamers across the world. It promises adventure, action, and a high dosage of adrenaline across all its installments. Players have been adoring the releases as and when they come, completing missions and taking out enemies whenever they pop up.

The intricate level of gameplay has always been a big plus point, alongside the many achievements for players to complete throughout any game. It is the same with the newest iteration, titled Modern Warfare 2, which has players drooling over the action-packed features.

Additionally, there are a ton of trophies to get for players which is a mix of easy and difficult to complete. One of them is ‘A Crappy Way To Die,’ which is exactly how it sounds like. The details are pretty spectacular, and different from the others, as the following guide explains for players looking to finish it.

Call of Duty MW2 - A Crappy Way To Die

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – What is A Crappy Way To Die

As mentioned above, MW2 is rife with achievements and side quests to complete that earn you rewards. Some are for the long haul, spread across separate missions, while others are just perfecting a moment and completing the said objective.

Coming to ‘A Crappy Way To Die,’ the in-game description mentions, “Kill the enemy in the porta-potty.” From this, it is immediately clear what you have to do, but the main issue is when this enemy shows up, and how to complete the mission on your own without any of your teammates shooting down the opponent.

It can take some patience and alertness, but players should be able to finish it quickly.

Call of Duty: MW2 – How to complete A Crappy Way To Die

The achievement is present in one of the later missions, titled ‘Dark Water,’ which is number 12 on the list. The mission brief is to find a missile that has been stolen around an oil rig with the whole squadron.

Once you begin the mission, players will find themselves going up a bunch of stairs to move to the top of the oil rig. This comes after you take out a few opponents present inside an office.

As you begin climbing the staircase, make sure you are watching the left of the screen alongside your ascension. There should be a couple of blue-colored porta-potty present, which has the target you need to take out for the trophy to be won. This is where it gets tricky for you as time is of the essence.

  • If  you allow the opponent to come out of the bathroom, one of your team members will shoot him once he is spotted
  • This means your chance to win the trophy is gone, given that you did not take the enemy down
  • That is why you have to start firing on your own accord before the enemy even comes out.

Call of Duty MW2 - campaign mode

Make sure you shoot the porta-potty from the outside itself as soon as you spot it, which will allow you to see the enemy fall out before dying. That is the real process of completing the mission and earning the achievement.

However, if it does so happen that your teammate takes down the opponent, do not fret. You will simply have to rewind to the last saved checkpoint in the game, which is where you just begin to climb up the staircase.

Now, restart the mission again from that setting, and knowing what needs to be done, just be alert and make sure you get the firing started before anyone else gets the chance.

Thus, that is all the information you will need in completing ‘A Crappy Way To Die.’ This is one of the simpler achievements on the whole list, meaning you will be able to complete it only through a specific action at a specific point in the game.

However, you may have to take two attempts, given that your squad will also be on the hunt for the shitty enemy all the while as is their job.

Last Updated on October 25, 2022

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