Call Of Duty: MW2 – What Are Killstreaks Explained

The presence killstreaks has been a great unique factor in the history of the Call of Duty games. They always egg on players to do better and earn more prizes through these tough grinds. Therefore, it was no surprise that Modern Warfare 2 brought back the era of killstreaks.

You will need to understand how they work in the game, and what to do in order to get in on the action. No doubt, it is not an easy journey but can serve you really well as you progress in the game. In that regard, the following guide will help players in getting the lowdown on killstreaks.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – What to know about killstreaks

There are a couple of methods in how players can go after killstreaks. 

  • Whether it is done by the number of kills at a stretch without getting slain
  • Whether it is done by score, where you will have to target a specified points that will get you the killstreak.

You will have the option of changing in between these two while locking or unlocking scorestreaks. They show up in the menu under the killstreaks option and you can select which one you would prefer which will be based on the kind of play you have. 

  • You will have the chance to load three killstreaks before the match begins
  • Additionally, you will be able to view the designated requirements for each
  • This is how you can view what should be needed to reach the respective killstreaks and accomplish your goal.
NameDescriptionKills neededScore
Precision AirstrikeYou are able to summon two jets that will hit on the best shown tracks.6750
Cluster MineYou will be launching a weapon that lets loose mines all around to take down enemies.5625
Counter UAVAll of your opponents’ mini maps are messed up alongside the bigger ones but only at a certain range.5625
Bomb DroneA C4 carrying drone that explodes wherever you want.4500
Care PackageYou can summon any killstreak care package in battle.5625
UAVYou will be able to spot places of enemies on the mini map through this.4500
Cruise MissileA big cruise missile having boosting powers.6750
Mortar StrikeA rain of mortar comes down on a specified location.6750
Sentry GunYou can look for opponents around you, and shoot projectiles.7875
S.A.E.Three jets appear to take down marked enemies all around.7875
VTOL JetTwo bombs are released in an area, as you return to guard a marked area. 81,000
Overwatch HeloA guardian halo that watches before you and lets you know in advance where enemies are as they fight it.81,000
Wheelson-HSIt has auto-sentry and can be controlled from a distance away through remote. 81,000
Stealth BomberA bomber is summoned to let it rip with explosives around a marked path.101,250
Chopper GunnerAn attacking chopper having a turret and air-to-land rockets.101,250
Emergency AirdropYou can have three killstreak packages brought to you.101,250
GunshipA gunship that is incredulous in battle with lasers equipped with 40mm and 25mm cannons.121,500
Advanced UAVA UAV that cannot be attacked as it lets you know enemies’ locations as they move around.121,500
JuggernautA full-on attacking gear which will have the turret after the Juggernaut is removed151,875

Thus, that is all there is to know regarding the killstreaks in MW2. Of course, there are some easier ones which will not take too much practice, while the more strenuous ones will consume time. Nevertheless, you should be playing through all of them in order to determine what each does.

Last Updated on September 22, 2022

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