Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | How to get/unlock Sand Scorpion

Guide on unlocking/getting Sand Scorpion in COD: MW 2019 Season 2

After the recent release of Season 2 in Call of duty modern warfare, a lot has been added in the game to unlock. Some of these involve blueprints for weapons. And we all know the importance of a decent Blueprint for a weapon. One of those is the Sand Storm Marksman Rifle Blueprint. In this guide, we will show you the list of objectives needed to be done for the Mission

To access/Activate the Mission, go to the Barrack tab and click on Missions and challenges or click on view challenges in the multiplayer tab and view the Mission. Before proceeding with the objectives, make sure you have the mission selected and activated.


Mission name to unlock Sand scorpion

Factory Approved


Objective 1

  • Kill 50 players using the IAV turrets
  • Rewards: XP – 2500 | Loot – Rex’s revenge calling card


Objective 2

  • Run Over 10 players with little Bird.
  • Rewards: XP – 3000 | Loot – Saddled charm


Objective 3

  • Get 50 kills with the APC Turret.
  • Rewards: XP – 4000 | Loot – Ace Spray


Objective 4

  • Run Over 30 players with vehicles.
  • Rewards: XP – 5000 | Loot – Going under emblem


Objective 5

  • Destroy 10 vehicles with APC.
  • Rewards: XP – 6000 | Loot – Heart of Darkness Sticker


Objective 6

  • Destroy 10 vehicles with IAV.
  • Rewards: XP – 7500 | Loot – Sand Scorpion Marksman Rifle


So, all in all, a total of 6 objectives should fetch you the Sand Scorpion Marksman Rifle in COD: MW 2019 Season 2. If you have any queries/suggestions let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | How to get/unlock Sand Scorpion”

  1. Great post. Just wondering, if you or anyone you know have unlocked this, will camos cover the scope of the kar98?
    Its been known that if you get a weapon blueprint with a scope that has a camo over it, when you apply your own camo to that gun it will fully cover the scope as well. Is it the same for this blueprint?

    1. Usually camos do not cover the scopes of weapons, but yes some weapons which have camos on their scope can make the entire weapon and the scope cover in the same skin. This is reported by a few players. For more information i will suggest you to take this to the discussion forums for cod: mw

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