Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | How to get/unlock Silverstar

Guide on unlocking/getting Silverstar SMG in COD: MW 2019 Season 2

Amongst all other new blueprints released in Season 2 of COD: MW 2019, there is one for the SMG enthusiasts and players as well. It is called the Silverstar and holds its own when it comes to rapid-fire on the battlefield. Let us check out the list of objectives needed to get this.

To access/Activate the Mission, go to the Barrack tab and click on Missions and challenges or click on view challenges in the multiplayer tab and view the Mission. Before proceeding with the objectives, make sure you have the mission selected and activated.



Mission name to unlock Silverstar




Objective 1

  • Get 100 kills with Sniper Rifles or Marksman Rifles in any coop Operation
  • Rewards: XP – 2000 | Loot – Freeze Spray


Objective 2

  • Get 50 Juggernaut kills in any operation with Otter as your Coalition Operator.
  • Rewards: XP – 3000 | Loot – Cold-Blood brothers Calling card


Objective 3

  • Execute 20 finishing moves in any operation
  • Rewards: XP – 4000 | Loot – Bad Beret Emblem


Objective 4

  • Destroy 10 tanks in any Coop Operation.
  • Rewards: XP – 5000 | Loot – Eternal Slumber spray


Objective 5

  • Get 50 kills in precision Airstrike in any coop operation
  • Rewards: XP – 5000 | Loot – Sunny Disposition charm


Objective 6

  • Complete any 4 coop Operations
  • Rewards: XP – 6000 | Loot – Silverstar Sub Machine Gun


So, all in all, a total of 6 objectives should fetch you the Silverstar Sub Machine Gun in COD: MW 2019 Season 2. If you have any queries/suggestions let us know in the comments.

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19 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | How to get/unlock Silverstar”

    1. Sometimes there maybe a visual glitch with the progress, however it still counts towards it. If you are still unable to complete it write to the devs/check threads or wait for a patch.

  1. No you must kill the juggernauts. Best weapon
    To do that is a shotgun it take’s 5 shots, so it take some time but is not that hard.

  2. Um I can not get the silver star even now after doing like 6 missions is there anything you can do to help that all thank you.

    1. As we confirmed the weapon bp itself is not bugged. We would recommend you crosscheck the missions you did from the missions tab. If you are still unable to unlock the weapon bp, wait for a hotfix or contact the devs directly.

      1. Does any one know when the patch is going to happen for the silverstar? i have played all coop missions 3 times and still nothing

  3. Hey so I have actually completed all my coops before starting the new challenge and missions for the the silverstar, and I’m on the last mission ( Complete any 4 coop operations.) so I have played and completed all eight and retried it again and I still haven’t unlocked it, would you guys know what’s going on.?

    1. As reported by most players, the last objective is bugged and already known by the developers. Kindly wait for a hotfix soon enough to address this issue. After that you can try and check if it counts or not

    1. Since this involves sneaking behind the enemy and actually going into the animation finisher to complete the move, you can play ground war rather than quick matchmaking. For perks 1 and 2 use Ghost and Double time. The third one is optional and you can pick any 1. Simply try to execute the snipers and the campers in the ground war. This is just a suggestion, so you can use anything else also

    2. For finishing moves you don’t actually need to sneak up, I’ve found what works infinitely better is equipping a mobile gun with melee stun perk, you can stun then run behind and get an execute while fighting, it’s so much easier.

    3. Another great way is to take a wrap weapon into a coop mission and your knife. Then fire a single shot to the chest or legs then swap weapons and sneak around to get the execution while they are stunned.

  4. Does any one know when the patch is going to happen for the silverstar? i have played all coop missions 3 times and still nothing

  5. The last objective is Not working. Wait for patch. There is a great step by step video on YouTube that tells you the best way to complete each objective. Do a little grinding and you can get it done.

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