Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | How to get/unlock Victory Lap

Guide on unlocking/getting Victory Lap Handgun in COD: MW 2019 Season 2

Amongst all other new blueprints released in Season 2 of COD: MW 2019, there is one for the handgun enthusiasts as well. It is called the Victory Lap and holds its own place for the quick action fire on the battlefield. Let us check out the list of objectives needed to get this.

To access/Activate the Mission, go to the Barrack tab and click on Missions and challenges or click on view challenges in the multiplayer tab and view the Mission. Before proceeding with the objectives, make sure you have the mission selected and activated.



Mission name to unlock Victory Lap




Objective 1

  • Get 25 kills with the X16.
  • Rewards: XP – 2500 | Loot – Warped Sticker


Objective 2

  • Get 2 kills in a single life using 1911 for a total of 10 times
  • Rewards: XP – 3000 | Loot – Punked Emblem


Objective 3

  • Get 30 kills with the .357 with 3 attachments on it.
  • Rewards: XP – 4000 | Loot – Checkmate Spray


Objective 4

  • Get 25 kills in Domination using the M19.
  • Rewards: XP – 5000 | Loot – Knights honor emblem


Objective 5

  • Get 30 kills in groundwater while using the .50 GS
  • Rewards: XP – 6000 | Loot – Thunder Globe Calling card


Objective 6

  • Get 2 headshot kills with a pistol in a single life.
  • Rewards: XP – 7500 | Loot – Victory Lap handgun


So, all in all, a total of 6 objectives should fetch you the Victory Lap handgun in COD: MW 2019 Season 2. If you have any queries/suggestions let us know in the comments.

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