Carrion | Complete Map for All Areas

If you wish to know the Map locations for all sectors and areas in Carrion, this is just the guide for you. We will show you 10 navigation areas in the game, to make your in-game experience smooth. Please note that some of these areas are not accessible early in the game. After you progress enough in the game, you can refer to the entire guide for all the Map locations.

For desktop users, right-click on the images to view it, and zoom in for better reference. For mobile device users, long press on the image and open it, then zoom in to see detailed locations afterwards.

All Area Maps in Carrion

1. BSL-4 Research Ward

BSL 4 Research Ward

2. Frontier


3. Military Junkyard

Military Junkyard

4. Uranium Mines

Uranium Mines

5. Leviathan Reef Base

Leviathan Reef Base

6. Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

7. Relith Science HQ

Relith Science HQ

8. Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plant

9. Armored Warfare Facility

Armored Warfare Facility

10. Bunker


11. Flashback Sequences

Flashback Sequences

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That will be the complete list of all the Map Areas in Carrion. As we find out more about the maps, we will be sure to update this post. That is all for this walkthrough. Thanks for reading!

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