Chasm of Screams Thorn Cheese solo spot Destiny 2

Trick/guide to do the Chasm of Screams for the Thorn quest easily in D2

This specific guide will involve a particular spot in the chasm of screams, in the Savathun’s Song Strike in Destiny 2. If you do the strike normally from the playlist, it won’t be much of an issue. But if you do this via the Chasm of screams quest, you are in for some tough fights. To make this final thorn quest step easier, we will tell you a trick/cheese for guaranteed success.


Must do steps for the Thorn Hand canon quest.
  • After you melt down the Shrieker’s health towards the end phase, some Knights will spawn.
  • Make sure you kill all the Knights before finishing off the boss. If you do not do this step, the modified strike will show as completed, but the Thorn exotic hand canon will not drop.


Chasm of Screams Thorn Cheese solo spot step 1
  • Make sure you have two more players in your fireteam. Assign two players for damage, and one player to go to the solo cheese spot to be safe from all kinds of damage.
  • Here is the spot you need to head to, to cheese/trick this one out.

chasm of screams cheese spot d2

  • After heading over to the location exactly as shown above, look for a spot near boulder as shown below:

chasm of screams cheese spot 2 d2

  • Upon reaching this spot, carefully look towards your right side, and gently drop down, on the ledge below, as shown in the next image:

chasm of screams cheese spot 3 d2

  • Simply drop down on the ledge and hug the near corner. Shoot one or two bullets every now and then, not to get kicked by the system because of afk. That is all needed to be done for the player who will pick to the solo cheese spot holder.


Chasm of Screams Thorn Cheese solo spot step 2
  • This spot can be particularly slippery, but controlling your movement should prevent you from falling down. You are safe from all kinds of damage in this spot. Just make sure to not peek around the corner or shoot at the shrieker. If you do, the boss can melt you easily.
  • The rest two players can take their time, in defeating the knights and then the boss. It does not matter how many times the other two players die, as long as the player on the cheese spot survives.
  • Do these steps methodically and clear the chasm of screams along with the coveted Thorn exotic Hand cannon all at one go!


That will conclude this short and comprehensive guide on Chasm of Screams Thorn Cheese solo spot in D2.


Thanks for reading!


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