Chronicon | All Transmutation Recipes Guide

In this guide, we will show you a list of all the Transmutation Recipes for Chronicon. This collection will hopefully enable you to get those coveted Legendary items and secret Recipes in the game.

All Transmutation Recipes in Chronicon

NOTE: The recipe names and instructions are universal since they are in-game items. Hence, they may match with others. Reader discretion is advised.

1. Random Legendary

  • Consumes 3x Legendary items for a new, random, Legendary item.
  • If all 3x items are of the same slot, a new weapon that will fit your class will be created.
  • If not, a fully randomly selected item is generated.

2. Empowered Legendary

  • Empowers a Legendary item, increasing the base stats. The stats will match the True Legendary of your choice.
  • The Legendary and True Legendary must be the same level and item type.
  • You can only upgrade a Legendary ring with a True Legendary Ring and so on. 20x Champion’s Crowns are needed for the Transmutation.
  • It Consumes the True Legendary item in the process.

3. Set Item Conversion

  • Sacrifices 30x Champion’s Crown and a Set item of any quality
  • In exchange, you will get a different item from the same set.

4. Level Up Item Conversion

  • This will involve transmuting a low-level item with a high-level item of the same quality
  • It will boost the low-level item to match the high-level item’s level.
  • But take note that it will also destroy the high-level item in the process.

5. Random Unique Item

  • Consumes 3x Unique items for a new, random, Unique item.
  • If all 3x items belong to the same slot, a new weapon, which will match your class, shall be generated
  • If not, a fully random item will be generated.

6. Unlock Enchants

  • Unlock all Enchants on any weapon by transmuting it with 25x Keys.

7. Create Spell Codex

  • Combining any Tome with 50x of any Spell Scroll creates a Codex with unlimited use.

8. Secret Transmutation Recipe

  • Grab all of the element stones (Poisonstone, Holystone, etc.) of any level and place them all into the Transmutation box
  • It will create the Elementium Stone.
  • This will enable All attacks to place an Elemental Attunement on foes, increasing the damage taken by them from 5% – 10% [15% augment cap].
  • each element you will use places a separate Attunement which lasts 7 seconds.
  • different levels of stone average out, when they are crafted.
  • You can craft the MK2 version of the Health and Mana Injector by mixing them with level 110 Health and Mana potions respectively.

That is all we had to share for this guide on all transmutation recipes for the game. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next one!

Last Updated on April 4, 2021

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