Circle Of Sumo: Online Rumble! | Tips, Tricks and Tactics

For Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble! players, we will be sharing some quick tactics that should help you improve at the game. This game is very flexible and adapting to different tactics on the fly. Reading your opponent or tricking them is a good thing to do in your matches.

Circle Of Sumo: Online Rumble! Tips, Tactics, and Tutorial

Opening Game

These are your starting moves right when the match starts. Be sure to mix it up as not to let your opponent get a solid read on you as the match progresses.

The Running Charge Sprint Sprint forward while charging and quick release in order to instantly smash the enemy of the circle. (This is a high-risk move so we suggest using it only as the first match point as it is easily countered with dodge)

The Sprint Fake Out This is a good option for the second match point as a good opponent will assume you are using the running sprint. When in reality you run at the opponent and quickly stop, then charge a dash and watch for the opponent to use a counter or dodge and dash at them right before it ends causing them to go out of the circle or in a bad position.

Two Dash Charge This is a good option for the rainy map as it gets past the obstacle in the middle of the map, this is also good against opponents that spam a lot of counters and dodges. Instead of charging at your opponent you quickly release a charge up or downwards near the top or bottom of the circle then right to your opponent. This move is good against sprinters who rush forward towards you as well as counter and dodge spammers. (This move also has a combo play style which we will describe below)

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The Mad Rush This is a basic opener where you sprint towards your opponent but don’t charge. You take control of the center of the map and get in a good position and try to read your opponent dodging any charges and basically ending the opening turn in a safer position most of the time. (Though avoid using it over and over each round cause once an opponent knows what your doing they will counter it with light charges and heavy charges provoking a missed dodge)

The Sprint, Charge, Focus This move is a fake-out you spring forward for less than 1 second but instead of attacking the enemy, you do a light charge diagonally towards your opponent followed by a heavy charge attacking your opponent.

Mid Game

After your opener the game transitions to mid-game if the round has not ended in a knockout. Mid game is much different than the opener as depending on the map various obstacles and traps come into play, as well as positioning taking a much higher priority. These are more play style options than actual moves and can be switched mid-round as needed to adapt to what your opponent is doing.

Light Charge Safety is where you quickly charge against your opponent without holding onto charge. This works much better when the enemy is near the center of the circle. If they are spamming dodge and counter over and over this keeps you relatively safe as a heavy charge would likely send you flying off the map where light charges are much safer even if the enemy dodges them. This move is also good against sprint spammers who try to sprint towards you to push you off the edge, or into a trap.

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Heavy Charge Predict This is a prediction move where you hold a heavy charge and hope your enemy uses a counter or dodge striking them right after their misplay which sends them flying off the map. Be sure to practice this a bit as getting the timing wrong sends you flying off the map if they dodge spam.

Defensive wall bait is a bait attempt to lure the enemy in using a heavy or light charge. Dodging it sending them flying off the circle.

Sprint Push is where you sprint at your opponent pushing them. It is also good against trap maps where they can’t get out of a trap. Examples are lava or trapdoor which is about to release.

Counter Charge This is when your enemy is going for a heavy charge. It is more towards the edge of the map than you. Que up for a heavy charge and counter their charge with your own. You have higher odds of sending them off the map than they do. However, specific sumo wrestler stats are taking into account here.


1. Don’t use the same opener or mid-game play style every match. Try mixing it up and tricking your enemy.

2. When ahead you need not take major risks. When you are ahead the enemy has to take more risky moves than you do. If they keep spamming defense without offense they can be out positioned and lose easier than you. Also, they are more likely under stress and tilt which often leads to an overly aggressive playstyle. Using more defensive moves leads to more wins making your lead bigger. This is not foolproof though and often mixing in some big offense throws the enemy off guard.

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3. When behind, be unpredictable and determine what made you behind.  Figure out what play style the enemy is using than adapt to it and switch tactics. If you are overly aggressive switch to a more defensive playstyle. If you use heavy charges and get countered a lot switch to light charges and sprint pushes. Also, breathe and calm yourself as the game is not over till it’s over. You can make a big comeback if you have some luck and throw off your opponent.

4. Always remember your opponents especially as you climb the ranks. You will find that you face many of the same opponents. Having a read on their overall play style can help you in countless matches to come. Notice if they are overly aggressive, defensive, highly adaptable, or one-trick play style. Try to switch your tactics accordingly. If they play outside of what you remember their playstyle to be then adapt accordingly.

That’s all we are sharing today in Circle Of Sumo: Online Rumble! | Tips, Tricks, and Tactics. If there is anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below. We’ll see you soon.

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