COD Black Ops Cold War – How to fix startup fatal error 152435104

If you want to know, how to fix startup fatal error 152435104, in COD Black Ops Cold war, we got you covered! The game itself is very vast, so there maybe numerous unnoticed bugs and issues which a player may encounter. Treyarch is addressing these bugs and issues so far, so we can hope that the game becomes less of an issue to start and more enjoyable in future. Having that said, let us take a look at some ways in which you can fix this issue.

Startup fatal error 152435104 Fix for COD Black Ops Cold War

1. Updating Windows To the Latest Version

The first fix you can do, is to update your Windows Version to the latest one. You can do this from Microsoft’s Official website. You can also type “Windows Update” in the search bar and look for “Windows Update Settings”. Inside there, click on “windows update” and “check for latest update”. Let the process finish and then try to launch COD Black Ops Cold War.

As far as we checked, this fix has worked for most players, so it should be your best bet to mend the issue.

2. Reinstalling/Updating Graphics Drivers

You should ideally update your graphics drivers (AMD/NVIDIA) to their latest ones. Both these brands have launched specific updates for COD Cold War so you should get them asap.

If you have already updated all the latest drivers, try unistalling and reinstalling them once more. Some files may get corrupted, so a fresh install would not hurt! The size of the drivers are also small so you should be good to re-download them.

For this specific error, these are the only two solutions we would suggest. You do not need to do unnecessary fixes for this particular startup error. Ideally, narrow down the issue, and look for a particular fix for that.

That would be all from this guide. Thanks for reading, and do leave your questions in the comments below. Adios!

Last Updated on December 19, 2020

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