COD: Black Ops Cold War | How To Get Disarmament Legendary Skin

Season 3 of CODs’ Black Ops Cold War is finally out. There are a lot of new skins, charms, characters, and other things to unlock. You also get a free bundle for you to claim, but my focus in this post will be on how to get the Disarmament Legendary Sniper Skin. There are a couple of small things needed to be done to unlock it. Along with the skin, you will get a free tier skip, Keys, and more. Let’s take a look.

How To  Get Disarmament Sniper Skin in COD: BO CW

Ideally, you should see the skin in the Intro Card after you have installed the Season 3 Update and Started the game. This is a skin for the LW3-Tundra, so a definite one to try out for all the sniper mains, and casuals out there. In case you have skipped the intro card part, go to BARRACKS, then PROGRESSION, then clicking on SEASON 3 Card. On your right side, you should see the Disarmament Weapon Skin along with other rewards you will get upon unlocking. All you need to do to unlock this skin is to reach LEVEL 50 before season end. A pretty easy task to do even if you are a casual COD BO CW player.

Other rewards include 1 Tier Skip, 1 Prestige Key, 1 Sticker, and 1 Emblem. If you manage to complete all Season 3 challenges along with this Skin, you will get a cool-looking Animated Card called Season 3 master, and for Zombies, Season 3 Zombie master, and 10,000 XP. Pretty neat I should say, and as for me, I am prestige 11 so I just need to reach prestige 12 to get this weapon. The number of Levels should be the same for all players since the level bracket is reset.

As for some of the tips to level up quickly, ideally, you should play either Multiplayer or Zombies. I play these two alternatively, to get the most out of it. For Multiplayer, you should play 24/7 Maps since they are short and quick ones. It of course depends on the game mode you select so be careful with that. Play with a friend (s) who have a battle pass enabled to get a decent boost. You can also activate XP bonuses for tier level up as well. Do what suits you best and you will have the rewards and skin in no time. For Reference, here is how the reward card should look like:

COD BO CW disarmament skin

Disarmament Weapon Attachments and Stats

Let me quickly go over the attachments you will get after you unlock this skin.

  • For Barrel, you will get 29.1″ Combat Recon
  • The Underbarrel has a Patrol Grip
  • The vandal Speedloader is used as the Magazine
  • For Scope, you have the Ultrazoom Custom
  • Ember Sighting Point is used as the Body part attachment

Your Firepower becomes 90%, Speed is 30-35%, Accuracy becomes 80%, and Ammo becomes 40%. I am stating these as compared to the whole bar being 100%. The Mag Size and Rounds Per Mag become 5.

That is all I had to share in this short guide on unlocking the Disarmament Legendary Sniper Skin. Are you enjoying Season 3 so far? Leave your thoughts down in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I will see you in the next one. Adios!


Last Updated on April 22, 2021

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