COD Black Ops Cold War | How To Level Up Your Weapons Faster

This guide shows you how to level up your weapons the fastest way possible. No BS, no dilly-dallying, and no beating about the bush. So lets get straight to the point.

How To Level Up Your Weapons Fast in COD Black Ops Cold War

You all may want to level up your weapons to max in a very short time. You may have seen by now that the more kills you get, the more your weapon levels up. Now you may be wondering how to get these kills fast. You basically have to complete the challenges in the game. But getting a very high number of kills does not guarantee that your weapon will reach max level of 55 fast. So what you need to do is simply go to Multiplayer and then go to Fireteam: Dirty Bomb. You simply plays that, lands on somebody, gets a couple of kills. That’s it! Just rinse and repeat. You may be in doubt of the efficacy of the process but let me assure you that this is the fastest and only way till now to level up your weapons fast.

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Myself personally, it took me 2 and a half hours to reach level 29 on the AK-47 just by doing this with only 139 kills, playing Dirty Bomb. Whereas on the MP5 it took me 4 and a half hours with 1500+ kills, of bashing zombies, just to reach level 27. I know, real slow! Maxing your weapons unlocks all the attachments and gets you Gold.

But whatever you do try to avoid  Search and Destroy to level up cuz you may be getting only like a 20 kills before you are taken out. That and killing zombies is probably the worst method to do this. Because for an average player (like me) it might take up to 12 hours to level up your weapon.

That’s all we are sharing in COD Black Ops Cold War | How To Level Up Your Weapons Faster. If you need some more quick tips and suggestions then do checkout our other posts. Thank you for reading.

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