COD Modern Warfare 2019 | How to get/unlock Security Operator Skin

Quick Guide on unlocking the Security skin for Azur in COD MW 2019

The new update in COD MW 2019 along with their first Season pass has brought lots of new content. One of them is the Azur skin for the respective Operator. We will show you how to get the skin and where to access the mission objectives from.

Since these are Objective-based challenges, you need to select particular missions and operators before proceeding with the guide. You can find this Mission under the Barracks tab followed by the Missions tab.

security operator skin


How to equip Azur?

  • Go to the Operators tab.
  • Then go to the allegiance tab.
  • Under the Jackals category, you should find Azur. Simply equip him and continue with the rest of the guide.


Mission to get/unlock the security operator skin

Make sure you have this mission selected before proceeding with the objectives.

  • Operator Mission – Azur

operator mission azur


Objective 1

  • use Dead Silence 5 times.
  • Reward – XP: 750 | Loot: Azur calling card


Objective 2

  • Play 3 matches of domination. Simply play and complete them and that should be it.
  • Reward – XP: 1000 | Loot: Sheikh Operator skin


Objective 3

  • Get 15 kills using an LMG.
  • Reward – XP: 1250 | Loot: No Room Operator quip


Objective 4

  • Get 5 kills using any equipment. It can be ground or air killstreak type which counts towards kills. Mines and nades also work well.
  • Reward – XP: 2000 | Loot: Security Operator Skin


A summation of 4 objectives should unlock the skin for you along with other exclusive Azur Quip and skin.


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