CoD Modern Warfare | Bad Graphics Bug Fix

Suggestive solutions for bad graphics bug in the new CoD: MW 2019

Recently players are facing an issue with the graphics of COD Modern Warfare. The screen is either going black or they can only view a small part of the game GFX but the rest is blacked out.

We have come across some fixes which we will show. These can hopefully fix your issue for the time being.


COD: Modern Warfare 2019 Bad graphics bug fix 1

  • Try scanning and repairing the game from the battlenet app.
  • If some of the files were corrupted during the game run time or during the max CPU usage, this will repair and download any of the missing files.


COD: Modern Warfare 2019 Bad graphics bug fix 2

  • IF you are overcloking your GPU or CPU, we highly recommend to not do that as of now.
  • After stopping the process, Turn off your PC and wait for 15-30mins, then power it up and check again.
  • As reported by a few players, stopping the overclocking of GPU is fixing their bad graphics problem.


COD: Modern Warfare 2019 Bad graphics bug fix 3

  • Set your Film Grain to a value of 1.
  • Also turn down your Depth of Field to a lower value than default. You can also turn it off and check once.
  • It will make the game look a bit blurry, but it will be much better than black screen or broken GFX.


COD: Modern Warfare 2019 Bad graphics bug fix 4

  • Try re-installing the game after updating your drivers for AMD/NVIDIA users. Also update your Windows OS to the latest one.
  • Re-installing the game would be the last thing we recommend as it is not a viable option at all, since the game files are pretty large. But if nothing else fixed your issue, might as well try this once.


After trying the above fixes, if the problems with game graphics still persists, you can contact the developers Here.


Thanks for reading!


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  1. Got this after the warzone update. Tried the first 2 methods. Didn’t work. Don’t wanna reinstall since the file is massive. Hopefully they’ll patch it soon.

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