COD Modern Warfare | How to get/unlock Ending Misery

Unlock/Get Ending Misery Marksman Rifle in COD: MW 2019

In this guide, we will show you how you can get the Ending Misery marksman rifle in COD: MW. It is a multiplayer challenge Mission which you can access by clicking on View Challenges. You will get the weapon upon doing certain objectives which we will list below, so keep reading…

how to get ending misery cod mw 2019
  • Select the required mission before starting with the weapon-specific objectives.

Mission name to get Ending Misery

  • Mode of destruction

Objective 1

  • Complete 10 gunfight matches.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 2500, Loot – Two brothers calling card

Objective 2

  • Capture 30 flags in domination.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 3000, Loot – Citadel defenders emblem.

Objective 3

  • Get 75 kills in Team Deathmatch.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 4000, Loot – Death jam spray.

Objective 4

  • Plant or defuse 5 bombs in search and destroy or cyber attacks game mode.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 5000, Loot – parting Gift calling card.
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Objective 5

  • Capture 30 flags in ground war.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 7500, Loot – Lapel Pin Sticker.

Objective 6

  • Get 75 kills in Headquarters.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 8000, Loot – Gassed out calling card.

Objective 7

  • Get 3 wins in cyber attack.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 10000, Loot – Ending Misery Marksman rifle.

A total of 7 objectives to complete, and you should be good to go!

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