COD Modern Warfare | How to get/unlock Old wounds

Unlock/get old wounds LMG in COD: MW 2019

In this guide, we will show you how you can get the Old Wounds LMG in COD: MW. It is a multiplayer challenge Mission which you can access by clicking on View Challenges. You will get the weapon upon doing certain objectives which we will list below, so keep reading…

how to get old wounds lmg cod mw 2019
  • Select the particular mission for the weapon first before going on with the objectives.

Mission name for Old Wounds LMG

  • Expert Gunsmith.
Expert Gunsmith

Objective 1

  • Get 35 kills with 1 attachment on a weapon.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 1000, Loot – Aim Check Spray

Objective 2

  • Get 10 Headshots using an optic.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 2000, Loot – 50 Cal Charm

Objective 3

  • get 70 kills with 5 attachments on an LMG.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 2000, Loot – Guerilla Gorilla sticker.

Objective 4

  • Get 35 kills using a burst rifle.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 3000, Loot – Cheetin Death Emblem.

Objective 5

  • Get 70 kills with 5 attachment on a DMR.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 4000, Loot – Instant organ donor calling card.

Objective 6

  • Get 15 longshot kills on an assault rifle using a long barrel.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 5000, Loot – Try me spray.

Objective 7

  • Get 10 headshots with 5 attachments on a sniper.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 6000, Loot – heart breaker calling card.

Objective 8

  • Get 10 melee kills using the fast melee perk.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 8000, Loot – Poisonous position sticker.

Objective 9

  • Get 25 hip fire kills using a laser.
  • Objective rewards: XP – 9000, Loot – Old Wounds LMG.

So, completing a total of 9 objectives will set you on your way!

Thanks for reading!

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9 thoughts on “COD Modern Warfare | How to get/unlock Old wounds”

  1. I’ve used two assault rifles with long barrels and gotten plenty of longshots. But it doesnt register i got any. What did you use for objective 6?

    1. An M4A1 AR with long barrel attachment should work fine. All of the longshots with M4A1 long barrel worked for us so far. There can be a bug with some reported mission challenges. In that case, you can do it a few more times and evetually it will count or wait for a hotfix from the developers soon.

      here is a screenshot for ease of reference –

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