CoD: MW | How to level up fast 2019

Want to level up or earn XP fast in the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

We will show you some methods, Tips, and tricks to level up quickly in CoD: MW 2019. It will help you earn those coveted skins, weapon attachments, brand new emblems and much more! So keep reading…




  • Pepsi Co. and CoD: MW have teamed up for this and as per their terms of use, if you purchase Mountain Dew or Doritos you will get special codes. Upon entering those codes in the game you will be given 2times the normal XP.

Note: These product stocks are limited as per sources and can be unavailable to some countries

What are the eligible products?

  • Mountain Dew
  • Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel
  • Doritos

Where do we redeem these codes after product purchase?

The event duration will be from October all the way up to December 31st, 2019. These codes can be used for a total of 40 per account and each code provides 2x XP per day ( which is also the max limit of use per day).


TIP: Do not use these codes at the beginning of your gameplay. Play up to level 15-20 after which the XP gain will become less progressive. We recommend you to save the codes for those later levels.




  • There will be three game modes available to you. Multiplayer, Spec Ops and Campaign. We highly recommend you run through the campaign as it will grant tonnes of XP. This is because the game devs have put special emphasis on the campaign this time around and it is said to be the best campaign to date for the COD: MW franchise.
  • If you are not fond of campaigns and you want to explore the other two modes more, feel free to do so. They will also grant you XP so you do not need to worry.



  • We will recommend you to play the game and save your 2XP codes until you hit level 20. After that, you can activate your 2XP codes in Challenge missions. These missions alone can boost your XP. So when combined with the 2XP codes it will level you up very quickly.
  • Also, you should make sure you do your daily challenges to boost it up even further.



  • This will also increase your XP gain by quite some amount. Again, we will recommend you to switch between challenge missions, daily missions, and camo challenges to make full use of the 2XP.



  • After playing through the ENLISTED rank, you will reach OFFICER rank (100Ranks in total). After reaching officer rank, each officer rank challenge will grant you XP upon completion. So make sure to do those challenges as well.
  • Also, these challenges reward you with weapon cosmetics, which also have some amount of XP to grant if you play for them.
  • Each Rank Up of the Officer class will grant you tonnes of XP. So you need to make sure you plan your Levelling up strategies right and do each objective of these challenges for XP gain.



That will conclude this detailed Fast XP gain guide in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019. You can also follow CoD: MWs Twitter to find more XP codes until they are in use and are applicable.


Thanks for reading!

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