Creaks – All Achievements Walkthroughs Guide

If you wish to get a walkthrough for all the achievements in the Creaks game, this guide is for you. Simply click on the video timestamps to see specific walkthroughs. you can then work your way towards the other achievements in sequential order.
Get the game from here: Steam Link.

All Achievements Walkthrough in Creaks

About the game

The Creaks game comes from the creators of indie classics like Machinarium, Samorost, and Chuchel. It is a new puzzle adventure game with its hand-painted visual graphics, accurate animation, spooky sounds, and an original score from Hidden Orchestra. Progress at your own pace at figuring out the solutions to dozens of carefully designed puzzles, explore the mansion for hidden paintings, and uncover the great secret. And most importantly, be very afraid of the uniquely designed furniture monsters!

video credits: Carrot Helper

That will be all for this guide. Any questions or queries are welcome in the comments below. We will try to answer it as soon as possible. That is all my friends!

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