Crusader Kings 3 | Save File Location (Cloud)

For all Crusader Kings 3 players, do read this article to help you find the cloud save file location. Hope you find these tips useful.

How to find cloud save Location in Crusader Kings 3

  • Find your Steam Installation.
  • Go to C Drive.
  • Open Program Files.
  • Find Folder named ‘Userdata’
  • After that, follow this path below:
    Steam\userdata\YourUserID\1158310\remote\save games
  • Your User ID will be a similar string of numbers, like the Crusader Kings 3 ID, which is 1158310.

There’s a website where Steam shows cloud saves, but neither CK2 nor CK3 supports it.

That’s all we are sharing in this post today. Hope you find these tips useful! See you soon!

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