Crusader Kings 3(CK3) | Partition and Succession Tips, Tricks And Guide

This guide will give you a clear idea of how to deal with partition succession in the game Crusader Kings 3. A full guide which will share the tips and tricks of how to deal with a partition/succession scenario in the game. Check this out!

Partition and Succession Tips, Tricks and Guide For CK3

Transfer Of Titles

  • If you had enough land to form several same ranked titles, you will lose some land and will have to reconquer it.
  • There was not enough “big” titles for everyone and they took your holdings, where you have 100% of everything
  • In the case of an empire. it adds an extra layer of kingdom-rank vassals, which adds an extra reduction

How To Deal With Change Of Titles

General Tips And Tricks
  • Plan ahead. If you are having multiple spouses/concubines, make sure their age is roughly the same. Don’t take a younger one as an extra/replacement.
  • Don’t postpone until all females involved are infertile or you get all the land you plan to get in this life. Start the process as soon as you have an extra heir.
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Exact process:
  1. If you are within a single main title, all you need to do is, at any moment in time, give each extra heir the same amount of counties you (plan to) have plus an extra one if you have more heirs than second-to-highest titles ideally in their own de jure duchy/kingdom, and all de jure titles up to the second highest. Optionally before handing out kingdoms you can also increase the amount of given counties by +1, land your main heir and transfer all the other vassals under them when you feel its time.
  2. If you will be splitting, you have to do basically the same as above, but landing the main heir is no longer optional. This way you’ll have to quickly claim some very small realms.
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Thank you for going through this guide. Hope it has helped in your quest in CK3. Watch out for more!

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