CS:GO – Operation Turning Tides Concept, Maps, Weapons and more

What’s New in the CS:GO – Operation Turning Tides Concept?

Counter Strike Global Offensive has been a roller coaster of gameplays, emotions and innovative concepts over so many years. It has been many things to the mass but no one can deny its massive success in the gaming scene. These huge successes inspire people to do something creative with the game. This article regards one such concept/idea.

The idea of the new CS: GO Turning Tides Concept was created by Tibor Miklos. He is also the creator of the “Blacksun” operation. The idea of an interim CS:GO operation includes new maps,  weapons skins, updates for the Restricted Zone and even an interim CS:GO mode. So let us take a look into this Turning Tides Concept, which includes maps, weapons and more of the unique arts.


CS:GO – Operation Turning Tides New Operation Cards

The designer did a great job with designing the community maps of the Turning Tides Concept. We see the unique maps namely: SUBZERO, BIOME, BREACH, TANGERINE, GRIND and ALLEY.



CS:GO – Operation Turning Tides Concept Case and Weapons

Here we see the Case Concept for the CS:GO Operation Turning Tides and the included Weapons skins which come  along with it. Pretty impressive!

Weapon List Operation Turning Tides Concept – CS:GO

  • MP5-SD Threeton Technology

  • M4A4 Biowar

  • Five-SeveN Threeton Technology

  • P90 Gorilla Warfare

  • Glock-18 Oni

  • Desert Eagle Sunburst

  • SCAR-20 Scipio

  • AWP Venom Strike

  • G3SG1 Black Sand

  • PP-Bizon Bamboo

  • Sawed-Off Retro Strike

  • Galil Darkjungle

  • Five-SeveN Compoundx


CS:GO – Operation Turning Tides Knife Concept

The Creator of this Knife, Hellenek, Oldman and Puffin did a great job with the knife of the Turning Tides Concept called theTIGERSHARK KNIFE. Neat af and will look great in the hand and in inventory. The animation can be innovative in this knife to suit its uniqueness.



CS:GO – Operation Turning Tides new operation campaigns

This Concept includes two new operation campaigns which contains 70 new missions. A lot to do for the players like completing objectives which will reward in up-gradation of Turning tides challenge coin and gaining XP while doing missions which vary in Difficulty. A vast concept developed by the designer which is commendable in itself!



CS:GO – Operation Turning Tides Restricted Area Map

The designer also included a new restricted area map for Turning Tides Operation which includes a new map called INSERTION 2 from Oskmos.



CS:GO – Operation Turning Tides new Robbery Game Mode

The Turning Tides Concept Includes a new game mode called “The Heist” and its basically a robbery game mode concept developed by the creator. You can rob a bank, loot it and carry the cash out in this mode which makes it thrilling. This mode will be a mix of both the old CS 1.6 along with some cool new features as you can see from the image below. Kudos to the designer for this concept as well!



In Conclusion, We can say that the developer of the CS:GO – Operation Turning Tides Concept along with its Maps, Weapons, Game modes, has done a great job in creating something which most of the CS fan are liking so far. We hope that these concepts, or some of these designs gets picked up and even implemented by valve in their upcoming Case and operation releases.

thats all!

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