Dark Deception : How To Beat Deadly Decadence?

Easily Beat the Hard parts of Deadly Decadence in the game

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A heavily story driven first person nightmare game is what comes in mind while we play Dark Deception. Similar to other horror games, this game also has its challenges, hard levels and easy levels.

In this guide we will walk you through the “Hard Parts” of the game, more specifically the Deadly Decadence and some tips and trick to clear this level.

NOTE: The only basic requirement for this to work is to have a MAX TELEPORT.



  • You would want to go over to the Maze and open its gate. Keep in mind to not rush in. Instead stick to the left side of the screen and spot the spikes on the right side.
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maze pic 1

  • Next, you would want to place your MAXED TELEPORT

maze pic 2

  • Note that the watchers will not spawn. You can now easily collect the required shards and proceed to THE MANOR

maze pic 3



  • This can be lengthy to complete, but is actually easy to do. You would want to skip past the spawn points and then leave a couple of shards so you can spawn them. It is because if you collect all the shards and the watchers don’t spawn, then you cannot get the ring piece. so leave a couple, so you can spawn them. These are illustrated by some pics below:

manor pic 1

  • Toggle or switch this!

manor pic 2

  • make your way through here.

manor pic 3

  • and finally teleport here.
  • After all this is done and you have the ring piece (be wary that Malak and gold watchers spawn at the ring altar so be careful) go outside ad survive the last stretch of horrors.
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  • Just after you exit head to the left gate once you leave the manor.
  • collect the secret for an extra rank but a gold watcher will spawn.
  • Head to the right gate and go down it. once you leave the maze area, Malak will spawn with his gold buddies and guard the gate from the start of the level.
  • Go to the corner, teleport past Malak and then open the gate and turn around quickly and be wary to not alert the watchers,
  • Go down the gate and instantly turn around as there is another watcher behind the gate.
  • Move to the gate, open it and head to the final zone. malak will spawn again with more of his buddies.
  • Go the the corner, teleport past malak AGAIN and then wait for the watchers
  • GO BEHIND THE PORTAL. it will count as you are going through it.
  • And with these step you also beat the MAZE 2.0
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post credits: Themememan101

That should do well with your total walk-through of Deadly Decadence in Dark Deception. This is the easiest way we could find till now. If you have come up with your unique ways then let us know or share it with the community.


thanks for reading!

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