Dauntless Elemental Damage Complete Guide

A Quick Look At Elemental Damage and How They Work In Dauntless

Dauntless is a Monster hunter Multiplayer game with a lot put into it. With a variety of Behemoths and loads of weapons to craft to slay them, it can get confusing at times.

Especially when The Behemoths are divided into elemental damage classes, the knowledge of which element does damage and which elements have a negative or low buff, becomes very important. So in this Dauntless Elemental Damage complete guide we will show you how elements work. Hence you can craft and equip weapons and Armor accordingly, to slay Behemoths easily.


Dauntless Elemental Damage Type 1: Against Blaze Behemoths

  • As you can see, you would want to carry weapons that has additional Frost damage along with armors which has Blaze or Fire buffs. Whereas, Blaze Weapons and Frost Armors are a big no no against such Behemoths.


Dauntless Elemental Damage Type 2: Against Frost Behemoths

  • Against such behemoths, Go with Blaze or Fire Weapons and Frost armors and avoid using Frost Weapons and Blaze armors, as shown above.


Dauntless Elemental Damage Type 3: Against Shock Behemoths

  • Versus Shock Behemoths carry Terra or Earth damage Buff Weapons and Shock Armors and avoid using shock weapons or Terra Armor.


Dauntless Elemental Damage Type 4: Against Terra Behemoths

  • For Terra Behemoths Carry Shock Weapons along with Terra Armor and avoid using Terra Weapons or Shock Armor to efficiently slay the beast.


For More Ease of Reference we will leave a Behemoth Element Quick Reference For ease of access:

  • The Above Chart contains All the Elements along with their impact on Different Behemoths. Namely Strengths and Weaknesses. the Neutral Symbol indicates that its non elemental. You can damage Behemoths with an All damage weapon as well as a particular elemental weapon.


reference credit: Jivitz


That will be all for this Dauntless Complete Guide for Elemental Damage weaknesses. Go forth an slay those Behemoths in the most efficient way possible. If this guide has helped you do share with others and if you have any unique ideas to kill the beasts then share it with us in the comments below.

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