Dauntless – Loadout Modifications Beginners Guide

How Do we modify Our Loadout in Dauntless?

Dauntless is free on epic stores from 21st May 2019 onwards. If you are Reading this then chances are you already would have downloaded the game. And you may be wondering how do we use the modifications cells that we get from opening cores and from other rewards we get from the game?

Well in this Dauntless Modifications Guide we will tell you the basics you need to know to do these modifications so read on. In future you may want to do an in-depth modification, once you get a hang of the game. We will come up with an advanced modifications guide soon in that case.


Dauntless Loadout Modifications Guide step 1:

Q: How do we get the Modifications Cells?

Well you would want to locate a CORE BREAKER and interact with it by pressing and holding E or whatever you have set your interaction button to. Please note that you must have a core to open otherwise the CORE BREAKER will appear empty:


Dauntless Loadout Modifications Guide step 2:

After you have acquired some Modifications Cells to work with, Open your Loadout window by either pressing ESC and then clicking on the “LOADOUT” tab in circle or Just press “L” on your Keyboard and open it right away.


Dauntless Loadout Modifications Guide step 3:

AFter clicking on the “LOADOUT” tab, you will see Two drop downs: One will be the WEAPONS sections and the other will be the ARMOUR AND LANTERN section. Say we want to Modify our Weapons First. Click on the currently Equipped Weapon you have, and Under MODIFICATIONS section there will be 5 different slots and one Transmog slot for cosmetic color change.

Now click on the slots one by one and pick your desired Modifications cell and back out of that window. Do these for other slots as well, or as long as your have enough Modifications Cells to fill those slots:


Dauntless Loadout Modifications Guide step 4:

Now the Question is how do we go about using these cells or where do we start from. Well we will show you one suggestive MODIFICATIONS build we did which works quite well:

  • In our WEAPONS we used Flight Of The Shrike and Upgraded it to 180 damage for all. A basic weapon to start off with. In terms of Modifications always try to pick the Blue Cells over the Green ones.  Those will serve you better unless its max health of-course. Here is our WEAPONS Modifications cell build:


  • For our ARMOURS AND LANTERN we used Sight Of Stone for Head armour, Heart of Stone for the Body Armour, Gnasher Grips for Hands, Pillar Of Stone for Leg Armour and for lantern we used Skarn’s Defiance. Not much flashy buy these gets the job done. As your progress along, play around with different combinations of Armour and Lantern to best suit your needs. Here is how we Modified them individually:

Head Armour

Body Armour

Hands Armour

Leg Armour



And that will conclude our Guide for Dauntless Loadout Modifications for Beginners and intermediates who wish to start some where. If you like to share your Dauntless builds and Loadout feel free to comment and we can share it with the community and spread the message.

thats all friends!

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