Dauntless Ostian Repeaters Build, Unlock and Use Guide

How do we unlock, build and properly use the Ostian Repeaters in Dauntless?

Killing the behemoths can really be a “Dauntless” task to do, but using optimized weapons makes it a bit more easier. One such weapon in the game are the Ostian Repeaters. These Guns Fire Normal or elemental Energy shots depending on the barrel you use. If you wish to know which elemental barrels do well with which class of behemoths, check here.
We will show you how to unlock the Ostian Repeaters, give a basic build layout to begin with, and show you how to use the Ostian Repeaters properly and efficiently!


  • Well the answer is pretty basic. After you progress in the game up-to a point from going to different NPC’s, you will come across a Quest called ” Go Forth And Slay”. This is initiated by Katherine Sorrel upon entering through the Ramsgate. You can get this quest by completing the “Lesser Embermane” quest early game. “Go Forth and Slay” is basically a collection of 3 specified hunts. Upon Completing these Hunts, You will be able to speak to Janek Zai, the gunsmith in the game. Interact with this NPC after completing “Go Forth And Slay” to acquire the Ostian Repeaters.


Ostian Repeater Build TIP 1:

  • This is a basic build we managed to do with the Ostian Repeaters. This specific build is made to Handle Frost Behemoths. The Blaze Barrel gives it a 70+ damage buff and the armor protects against frost damage. You can Tweak it to suit your needs or the behemoth type you want to slay. Note that all the MODIFICATIONS Cells used here are blue to get the most out of what is available to you. As you use the Repeaters more, the Affinity and XP will increase more and the Repeaters will grow in power. So along with normal upgrades, try to use the Guns more in battles.

Ostian Repeater Build TIP 2:

  • For Our next Ostian repeater build tip, we have put up a Detailed Mod with whatever best was available to us. After You unlock the Capacitive Magazines (using ability returns 4 ammo) , equip in the Mod slot straight away. Farm a bit for the Prisms, as different prisms have different properties. Craft and equip different prisms in the Ostian Repeaters slot to check which one suits your play style and needs best. We, For example, used the snow drift prism in this build which has decent perks of its own. and for the other two Mod slots we used two blue MODIFICATIONS Cells to get the max out of the Repeaters.


How to use Ostian Repeaters Guide TIP 1: Checking the Move-list

  • First things first. So, what you would want to do is press ESC and open the Move List having the Ostian Repeaters equipped. Then check how the Skill and move-sets work and which keys do what. Pretty Basic layout and should not be hard to follow. Note that it says you can hold your reload button, or in this case “R” near the behemoth and collect some of its energy. Well we will use that in combat, so take note of that.

How to use Ostian Repeaters Guide TIP 2: Hold to shoot

  • You would want to hold down your left click and aim properly at the behemoth to land those shots. Note that instead of clicking repeatedly, you can just hold it down to keep a continuation of shots going!

How to use Ostian Repeaters Guide TIP 3: “Q” for Captain’s Grip

  • Whenever available, hit “Q” to activate a damage and hit rate increase buff. This can be used by you or your team mates to increase the damage dealt and the attack speed for sometime. So, make sure you use it almost always along with your normal shots to increase damage.

How to use Ostian Repeaters Guide TIP 4: Hold “R” near Behemoth

  • What this will do is abosrb some of its energy into the Ostian Repeaters as you reload your weapon. You will see your Guns glowing due to the absorbed energy. Continue to deal damage while holding down the left click after this. The damage count after absorbing the Behemoths energy will be greater. You can also use your “Q” ability on yourself, to do even more damage and increase the fire rate of the repeaters.

How to use Ostian Repeaters Guide TIP 5: Hit Right click after absorbing energy

  • After absorbing energy from the behemoth, check if your Right Click meter is full or not. If it is so, then you can fire a single charge shot which in turn fires three shots dealing a lot of damage. Use this Hold “R” to Reload, “Q” and Right Click charged shot mechanics to dish out large amounts of damage to the behemoths in quick succession. And sooner or later the Behemoth will be slain.


  • In this particular case we used the snow drift prism with the repeaters and found out that for every shot we gain an indicator as shown above. After landing 4 consecutive shots these increase count to 4 in number. Then the 5th shot deals minor additional frost damage along with a stagger damage. Use this to your advantage, and make the most our of this skill if you plan on using this Prism along with the repeaters.

And that will conclude our guide for Dauntless – Ostian Repeaters build, unlock and how to use. Take into consideration that this is just a suggestive build and how to use guide. You can find unique ways to use these yourself and If you want to share your methods with us, feel free to do so.

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