D&D: Dark Alliance | Wulfgar All Abilities And Attacks

We are all excited about the release of Dungeons And Dragons: Dark Alliance on 22nd of June and why not? The game is an exciting RPG adventure which promises tons of entertainment and overall seems to be a wholesome experience. In this guide I am going to give a brief introduction about the game character Wulfgar and his whole set of incredible abilities and attacks. The character seems a very strong one and I think players are going to love him. So without waiting any further let’s dive deep into the world of Dungeons and Dragons!

All Abilities And Attacks Of Hero Wulfgar In Dark Alliance

Wulfgar: Our Hero

This hero seems to be packed with power and has the ability to wipe out any and all enemies. He can be seen in promo videos taking down foes like they were flies. The impossible hammer he carries packs quite the punch and can literally send opponents flying. This Raged warrior spent five years imprisoned by Bruenor learning that there was more to life than the constant conflict he grew up in within his elk tribe. With the massive hammer, Bruenor made for him, he is ready to mow down any enemy that threatens his home.

Attacks And Abilities

Melee Moves

  • Light Attack

This is equal to the basic attack of any hero and here Wulfgar swings his hammer in short bursts. But don’t be fooled, these attacks are quite deadly because the hammer which he carries is no ordinary one. It looks like it could weigh a ton and I definitely wouldn’t want to be in the way of the huge weapon!

  • Guard Breaker

Here the hero lunges a short distance before launching a heavy blow with all his might towards the enemy. The fact that a person is wielding a weapon that seems to weigh a ton and use it to shatter enemies shows that this is no ordinary mortal like you and me. I wonder what an enemy armor or shield would look like after absorbing a blow like the Guard Breaker.

  • Heavy Launcher

Ever played golf? Because this move reminds me of a golf club. Wulfgar drags the hammer on the ground a short distance and then unleashes it upwards in a golf swing-like manner. I think it feels exactly like a golf club in his hands. My condolences to the chins which he is going to break in this brutal attack.

  • Shovel Back

The back of Wulfgar’s hammer is also a weapon. It is a solid block of metal which he uses first in a thrust and then arches his back that seems to throw the enemy behind him. You won’t believe your eyes unless you see this in action.

  • Cross Check

Here Wulfgar dashes a short distance and then lunges at the enemy with the hammer held sideways. This attack utilizes both the head of the hammer as well as the bar he grips. Damage level: 10000+

  • Fierce Attack

Here Wulfgar wields the hammer like a sword and dashes and lunges at the enemy and swings it in a sword-like fashion. This is just absolutely insane to look at!

  • Circular Smash

Wulfgar swings the hammer over his head like a shot-put and launches a devastating blow that literally sends the enemy flying. Just looking at this move makes my head dizzy.

Had enough already? Wait there’s more! This unnaturally strong hero can not only inflict melee damage but also use AoE and Ranged attacks with his heavy weapon. Check them out.

Area Of Effect Attacks

  • Air Closer

I don’t know why this attack has been named thus, maybe something to do with the expulsion of air in the area of impact. But here, the hero charges a short distance and then jumps and brings down the hammer on the ground with all his might. The impact seems literal to send out shockwaves all around and can affect a large horde of enemies.

  • Rage Spin

This is so far my favorite move. The hero runs a short dash and then swings the hammer round and round until it catches fire. Then he launches the hammer on the ground with brute force. This is surely a move that inflicts a high level of damage.

  • Elk Stomp

In this move, Wulfgar charges towards the enemy and then jumps and brings his foot down on the enemy/ground in a huge stomp. Do not use the hammer in this move. I literally saw a huge swarm of enemies reel back at the impact of this move.

Ever heard of a hammer being used in Ranged attacks? Well, this is exactly what we get to see in this game. So check this out.

Ranged Attacks

  • Aegis Throw

In this attack, Wulfgar throws the hammer sideways. The weapon seems to light up and has enough momentum to knock enemies back.

  • Knee Strike

The hero lunges towards the enemy and lands the perfect knee strike in a mid-torso level. One for the cameras here!

  • Fierce Shockwave

Wulfgar swings the hammer over his shoulder and lands a heavy strike on the ground. The impact sends multiple shockwaves forward one after another. This kind of move makes me wonder if he is a really overpowered hero. Is he trying to take out enemies or collapse a whole bridge?

  • Nail Basher

The first part of this move is exactly like the Heavy Launcher. Here too he drags the hammer on the ground and swings it up only to bring it down on the ground in a tremendous thud. The hammer lights up brilliantly when he uses this move.

  • Aegis Fang Strike

In this move, Wulfgar first lifts the hammer over his head and launches a heavy attack towards the enemy. The move creates a brilliant after-image shadow of the weapon and this shadow knocks the enemy flying backward. You have to see it to believe it!

Multi-Strike Attacks

  • Magma Summons

Here Wulfgar lifts the hammer over his head and brings it down with full force on the ground. The impact sends invisible shockwaves all around and clears the area. This attack is so heavy that it not only damages the ground but also crumbles nearby structures to dust.

  • Footsteps Of Tempus

Wulfgar holds the hammer vertically top down with one arm and brings it down in a stunning attack on the ground. The shockwave generated sends enemies flying all over the place.

The game also has combo attacks that you can use on hapless enemies. Do check them out here.

Combo Strikes

  • You can also use Elk Stomp+ Guard Breaker+ Fierce Shockwave in one single combination attack.
  • Another one to go for is the Cross Check+ Rage Spin+ Grind Launcher. 

I am sure that these are not the only combo moves you can do in this game. There are maybe a whole set of attacks that one can use in such a diverse game as this. These moves sure are easy on the eye. We will definitely discover more such awesome move-sets as we progress the game.

Tomorrow the game releases with widescale anticipation. Hopefully, it does justice to the fans of this franchise who have patiently waited a while before another popular release. I hope I did not make this guide too cumbersome for you and you can definitely leave your thoughts down in the comments below. With this, I am going to sign off but I will be back with more guides soon, only for you. Good day to you all!

Last Updated on June 24, 2021

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