Death end re;Quest 2 | Keyboard Bindings and Controls

In this guide, we will show you the Keybindings and their Controls in Death end re;Quest 2. We will also go over the recommended Keyboard/Mouse settings to play it optimally. The Descriptions for these keys are very deceptive in nature, so a little bit of external help will hopefully resolve your issues. And enable you to enjoy the game more…
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Keyboard/Mouse Controls and bindings in Death end re;Quest 2

You can look at these keybindings for the Controller and set it accordingly for Keyboard

1.Movement Keybindings

(The L stick seemingly controls the map menu scrolling)

  • L stick up Move Forward
  • Down Move Backwards
  • L stick left Move Left
  • Right Move Right

(The right stick movement bindings are obsolete on the keyboard, and can be set to any desired one)

  • R stick up Move Camera Up
  • Down Move Camera Down
  • R stick left Move Camera Left
  • Right Move Camera Right

2. Zoom and Action Keybindings


  • D-pad up Up in Menus, Zoom In-Camera
  • Down Down in menus, Zoom out Camera
  • D-Pad left Left in menus
  • Right Right in menus

Interaction Buttons

  • A button/Action Select in menus, Actions such as investigating savepoints, etc.
  • B button Jump (While in dungeons), Hides textbox (in VN sequences), and Go back (in menus and in the minimap)
  • X button/Search Interact with certain things such as computers. The Search feature in battle lets you view enemy weaknesses and other information. Also enables Fast Forward (in VN sequences)
  • Y button/Command Opens the Menu (While in dungeons), Opens the log in VN sequences, the system tab on the event list, and the Command in battles.
  • BACK button Seemingly does nothing
  • START button Pause/Stop (in VN sequences), Opens Map (in dungeons), escape (in battles)
  • LB Fast forward (in VN sequences), Overhead view (in battles)
  • RB Auto progress (in VN sequences), Fast forwards enemy attacks (in battles),
  • L trigger Skip sequence (in VN sequences), auto control (in battles),
  • R trigger – Skip, Bug Details Display/Hide (in battles)
  • R stick button Resets camera (in battle and dungeons)
  • L stick button Opens menu (in VN sequences)

3. Mouse keybindings

Kindly note that these settings CANNOT be changed.

  • Right mouse button Hides textbox (in VN sequences)
  • Left mouse button Selects stuff in menus, Melee attacks (in dungeons)
  • Mouse scroll wheel Seemingly does nothing

The above settings and bindings will hopefully enable you to set these on the keyboard as per your comfort. If you face any issues during the setup. or have any general questions, do let us know in the comments below. That will be all, and we will see you in the next guide!

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