Deep Rock Galactic Weapon Stats Guide

Want to know about the Weapon stats in Deep Rock galactic? In this guide, we will show you the same. Deep Rock galactic is a very cool  1-4 player co-op FPS. The game features badass space Dwarves, 100% destructible environments, procedurally-generated caves, and endless hordes of alien monsters. To slay these enemies, the knowledge of weapons and their attributes can be clutch.

Gunner Weapon Stats Guide

Effect Radius

Weapons that have area damage or splash damage have this occur in a circle from the point of impact. The larger this value the larger the area that targets can be effected in or the larger the circle that will be affected. This is important when you are building around an area of effect type of builds such as the carpet bomber or plasma fire for engine and driller.


Reload Time

This is pretty obvious. It states how long it takes you to reload your weapon. The higher the value the longer the delay before a full reload. Experiment with this, a high value isn’t necessarily bad depending on your personal taste and how you use the weapon.


Top Rate of Fire

Some weapons like the gunners’ Thunderhead Auto cannon build-up to a stated rate of fire. If you can do a rate of fire of 12, it doesn’t just start out at 12, the gun slowly picks up speed before reaching that value of 12 going from 1 to 5 to 10 to 12 for example. The top rate of fire is the maximum rate of fire the gun will do at full speed. Again experiment with this, a higher rate of fire might not be necessarily useful in your build. This value also affects DPS as you start out with say 2 DPS and build to the guns ability of 20 DPS at the maximum rate of fire.


Base Spread

This is in effect the accuracy of the weapon. Each round fired has the potential to fly inside a given cone from the base of the barrel. As the range increases so do the size of the cone up to a certain point. The higher this value the larger the cone can potentially be.

Each round fired can fire into anywhere in this cone, so the lower the value is the tighter the cone becomes reducing how far off each round can stray from your intended target with range. Making the weapon more accurate.

The base spread is the stated value from when the gun has not been recently fire. Each round fired in succession will grow the base spread value even larger than is what stated. So a Leadstorm with a base spread of 12 will have a base spread of 12 on the first round fired out the gun. By round 200 however that has GROWN to say 24. Firing more rounds back to back causes the base spread to grow for each additional round fired.


Rate of Fire Growth Speed

Simply this is the rate for a weapon to go from 0 rates of fire to its Top Rate of Fire value. Weapons like the Leadstorm and Thunderhead have default values, anything changing that value will show the changed number in the stats screen. So a rate of fire growth speed of +200% means the weapon will reach the top rate of fire twice as fast as normal. Again experiment with this to see if it really matters with your personal taste.


Top RoF Damage Bonus

When the maximum rate of fire is achieved it will add on an additional damage bonus to each round. This only occurs at the weapons maximum rate of fire, however. Not all fights might last long enough for this to occur so it’s up to you if it’s worth it or not. Increasing the rate of fire growth speed can help allow the weapon to reach the maximum rate of fire faster.


Spread per Shot

For semi or full auto weapons, each round fired after the first will grow the base spread for the next round fired. Some weapons have mods that allow to tighten that value. In this case, it can increase or decrease the added spread per shot allowing for more accurate semi or full-auto fire.

Scout Weapon Stats Guide

Spread Recovery Speed

By default, all weapons have a Base spread. Each round fired can fly in a potential cone from the base of the gun.
As additional rounds are fired back to back this base spread will grow beyond the stated value. As stated, the value of 12 can grow to say 20 or 30 by round 50. Once a weapon has stopped firing, it will take time for this cone to shrink back to the stated base spread value. Spread recovery speed can alter how long it takes. In the case of the scout, the AI Stability Core overclock can increase the recovery by +900% making each shot fire at the base spread near every time in turn making the weapon massively more accurate.

credits: Nightwolf

Those are the major two weapons you need knowledge about. If you require help with any other instance in the game, do let us know in the comments. That will be all for this guide!

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