Desitny 2 | Best Pinnacle gear farming sources

What is the best place to farm/get pinnacle gear in D2?

Pinnacle gears are essential after a certain point in the game to grow in Power. Knowing where and how to farm/get them makes the Power progression that much easier. We will list some suggestive best ways to get the pinnacle gears for ease of access.



iron banner logo

  • Doing the iron banner bounties and turning over the tokens to Saladin, can reward you some great rewards.
  • Keep an eye out for the IB updates, as this time around the devs have promised more occurrences of Iron Banners.
  • Simply pick up the bounties from Lord Saladin and get to war with other guardians.



  • Make sure you do weekly challenges which reward pinnacle gears. These challenges are a bit tougher than normal ones, so make sure you have a good fireteam to make the run as efficient as possible.
  • To make your grind time more worthwhile, do it in all three characters, which will in return increase your overall power.
  • This power increase should be greater than doing it for only 1 character.
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nightfall 100k

  • You will understand the value of doing the bounties and challenges in all three characters, in Nightfalls!
  • In Nightfalls your power level will matter significantly, so the higher you go in power the easier it will be to acquire the pinnacle reward
  • Your aim should be the 100,000 NF. Do it in the 950 power cap and it should get you to 100K easily upon completion.
  • Doing the NF at 920 caps can also fetch you 100k score but it is going to be very tough.
  • Make sure you slay all the enemies. If not, then it is a must to slay all the nightmares before proceeding in the NF. That will ensure your 100K points without a hiccup.
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  • If you want to take on the dungeon, then do some research about the gears and prep needed for your specific character.
  • But the dungeon is pretty rewarding for those who commit to it.
  • The only catch is to get pinnacle gear, you need to complete the last encounter. Upon its completion, you can bear the fruits of your labor.



destiny 2 raids

  • This one is demanding in terms of dedicated Fireteam and teamwork.
  • It is best suggested to team up with committed players who are willing to give it a few retries.
  • You can do raids with either clanmate or find teammates from the Destiny 2 LFG.
  • You can also join the official Destiny 2 Discord LFG to get direct access to teams, channels and voice chats to make your pinnacle gear grind easier.
  • The rewards from doing raids come around on a weekly basis. It is not very efficient but if you have exhausted other resources for pinnacle gear, then this is great place to go to.
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It is suggested however to wait for The Thursday patch (with relevance to the date of this article publish) and update from the devs. After which you can get pinnacles for +2 of your power level rather than the usual +1.


That will conclude this guide on suggestive best methods and how to farm/get pinnacle gears in Destiny 2.


Thanks for reading!

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