Destiny 2 – All Pirate Riddle Solution for Cryptic Quatrains 2

This post is a continuation of my previous post on All Pirate Riddle Solutions for Cryptic Quatrain 1 Quest. You can go ahead and check that out first if you have not done that to start with.

This post will focus mainly on acquiring the Quest for Cryptic Quatrains 2 Quest and solving All the pirate riddles in a sequence which is given in the following sub-quests. Let’s take a look…

All Pirate Riddle Solution for Cryptic Quatrains 2

Destiny 2 – All Pirate Riddle Solution for Cryptic Quatrains 2

To start with, at Rank 10 of the Star Chart, you will be gifted a Medium Treasure Beacon from the HELM location. This sets you off for the upcoming series of riddles and their solutions for you to progress further in the game.

Step 1

Here is the riddle and what you need to do after that:

  • The Bay Filled me chest, although drown I did not
  • I coughed and I shivered me way through the mist
  • They dreamed I was lost, my sad scraper for naught
  • Yet all that I wished for was tight in me fist

You need to complete the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost sector in Dreaming City to progress in Step 1 of Cryptic Quatrains 2 Quest.

Step 2

Here are the riddles for step 2 and the subsequent solution:

  • I swore I was dead at the shore of Lake
  • Their shadows stretched long as they searched the debris
  • But Though they did Strike out at me and me take
  • Their words found me ears, but they didn’t find me

Complete the Lake of Shadows Strike in EDZ to further progress into the quest.

Step 3

Here is the Solution to the next step

  • Complete the EXPEDITION mission with a sword equipped. Here you have the freedom to equip any sword you want. Just make sure you have it on you at all times to progress this quest step.

Step 4

This is the Riddle Solution to Step 4:

  • You need to find the next clue on Nessus in the Cistern Area.
  • Spawn in Nessus and head towards “The well of flame” near Cistern.
  • Once you make your way inside, there should be a green spot on the floor.
  • Investigate this spot and you will progress further in the quest. Here are some images for reference:

Destiny 2 - All Pirate Riddle Solution for Cryptic Quatrains 2

Step 5

Here is the solution to the Riddle asked in step 5 of the quest:

  • Dig up the treasure in Nessus near the Cistern Area. You need to go to a certain spot in the outskirts of Cistern to locate the spot. Digging it up will give you the treasure and complete your Cryptic Quatrains 2 quest!
  • Here are some images and a map location for easy reference:

Cryptic Quatrains 2 quest step 5 treasure location

If you follow these steps as said, you will complete the quest fairly quickly. If you face any issues during your journey of completion, let me know in the comments below and I will try to help you to the best of my knowledge.

Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on August 25, 2022

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